President Trump Addresses Tax Cuts for American Workers

Scheduled for 1:45 pm

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4 Responses to President Trump Addresses Tax Cuts for American Workers

  1. Sharon says:

    One item included in the tax bill was discovered by my son last week when he was pre-qualifying for a house loan under VA loans which he has used to buy two earlier homes.

    There was a $10,000 item that had been part of the VA loan package up until this tax bill was signed – a $10,000 benefit to veterans purchasing a house. That item no longer exists, so every veteran purchasing a house will be adding $10,000 to their mortgage due to the new tax bill.

    My son is completely Trump-MAGA and has no quarrel with POTUS. Just felt slightly ticked, I think, with the sense of another “dis” toward veterans. It was an unexpected, unpleasant surprise.


  2. czarowniczy says:

    LA state governor is trying to find a way to blast Trump on the state’s HUGE upcoming FY budget deficit, Rats in state government have been quietly saying it’s due to the Trump tax cut but you can’t tell people that the reason the state’s broke is that you are seeing more money in your own hand.
    Other problem is that folks in the state know that whenever the state gets a spare dollar it spends two. Some years back there was a windfall of cash that far exceeded what the state was going to spend. After a year of arguing that the legislature should really REALLY spend it on their favorite campaign contributers and gold plated toilet paper holders in the state legislative caucus rooms they grudgingly established a Rainy Day fund…which lasted about as long as a NOLA snowfall before they blew it.
    Between the totally unrealistic tax breaks the state gives to industries moving in and the huge portion of the state budget composed of untouchable earmarks dedicated to the legislator’s personal disposal the remaining cash gets stretched boarding house roast beef thin. The money that comes in goes to those earmarks first and things like education, road work, Medicaid, etc, fight for the dregs. Louisiana’s more of a blown state than a blue state.


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