Bill Whittle: Guns for Children

Remember the video I posted a few days ago – the one I called Shitty video of the day? Well, Bill Whittle analyzes it here, as only Bill Whittle can.

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10 Responses to Bill Whittle: Guns for Children

  1. TwoLaine says:

    I put my gum on the wall every night before I went to sleep. 😉

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  2. TwoLaine says:

    On another note, my older brother always got into trouble and blamed it on me. I can truly relate to this story because I always had to suffer the consequences of his bad behavior, including being held back from skipping grades because he was only one year ahead of me and acted as dumb as a rock.

    And then there was the diaper punishment for something he blamed on me, but I will leave that one for later.

    I broke ties with this sibling and his decepticon 2nd wife many years ago. Never felt so good. He was as big a bully in his adult life as he was in his childhood.

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  3. TwoLaine says:

    Sorry, I digress. EXCELLENT video! And I didn’t even watch the “shitty” one. 😉

    First Whittle I’ve watched in awhile. Is he back on our side now?


  4. rheavolans says:

    Bill looks ticked in this video. To be fair, I am too.

    Here’s my idea, especially since the Supreme Court has ruled that the police do not have to protect me: all the Libs who hate guns can move to Chicago or some other pre-existing gun free zone and leave the rest of us alone.


  5. G-d&Country says:

    I have seen numbers of gun deaths, and what # are suicides. So if you subtract the suicides from the total, and what I have not seen is, then subtract the deaths in the democrat cities like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago etc. How many deaths would there be left for the average person in middle America/sububia. I’m guessing very, very few. I also do not know if there are numbers that are kept that sort out gang related because that would take out even more that have nothing to do with average, law abiding citizens not in a regressive democrat hell hole city.

    These would be very powerful numbers to know.


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