President Trump after FBI Raids His Lawyer, Michael Cohen

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22 Responses to President Trump after FBI Raids His Lawyer, Michael Cohen

    • tessa50 says:

      I think there is something here. Whether it involves Trump, I doubt it. Seems more as if Cohen is strongly suspected of criminal activity. I have heard the theory that this involves Daniels, but no one knows what this is about yet. Seems to be along the lines of Manafort.

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      • stella says:

        I agree. There is a lot here we don’t know. Otherwise, this would have to be a conspiracy involving DOJ (including Sessions), the Magistrate, the FBI in New York etc. This was planned.


    • lovely says:

      If this is a legal raid and I’m not convinced that it is, even then, the search warrant would be painstakingly pinpoint accurate in what could be seized, documents pertaining to whomever the FBI and or Special Counsel alleges that Cohen conspired with and or did commit criminal behavior within a very narrow scope.

      Attorneys have knowledge of their clients guilt all of the time that is why client attorney privilege is sacred before the court.

      I have wondered about the timing of President Trump’s attorney John Dowd quitting. I think it is significant in a good way for President Trump. I’ve said all along that President Trump would not testify, chat with or in any way answer any questions from Mueller. There was no reason for Dowd to quit over that cat and mouse game so something else was going on. In my opinion Team Trump is playing a shell game and winning.

      Again: this is a Big Deal.

      4. The search warrant application (the lengthy narrative from the FBI agent setting for the evidence) is almost certainly still under seal, and even Michael Cohen doesn’t get to see it [yet]. But the FBI would have left the warrant itself — and that shows (1) the federal criminal statutes they were investigating, and (2) the list of items they wanted to seize. Much can be learned for those. Assuming Michael Cohen doesn’t release it, watch for it to be leaked.

      Time will tell. The indictment will have to be unsealed relatively soon. I’m still a believer that President Trump is a very well controlled man. He said something today which was very telling “This is an attack on our country”

      “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”__Sun Tzu

      Team Obama/Hillary has been trying to wage war since they realized that Trump would be the nominee. President Trump pulled out Lindsey Grahm’s phone number from years ago, talked about Rubio’s money laundering house deal, seating Hillary and Bill’s victims at a debate, predicted that Huma through Weiner would be Hillary’s downfall (wait for it) and told the world that Obama “wiretapped” him when he was just a US citizen.

      President Trump has already won it is going to take a while to drain the venom out of the oligarchs, they won’t go down without rattling their tails but that rattle is a death rattle.


      • czarowniczy says:

        I’m wondering about the application for the warrant and the scope. They can’t go seizing an attorney’s papers to see what the attorney knows about his client’s guilt but if they expect the client of committing a crime while serving his client…that’s a different thing.

        I’m wondering if they are looking for something indicating Cohen took illegal steps to protect his client? They couldn’t raid Cohen’s office for files on his direct work with Trump but if they find Cohen took independent actions to protect Trump than the ewason Cohen took these actions – protecting Trump from Stormy – come into play. Even if a judge refuses to allow the Trump-related ecidence in the DoJ can appeal and use the Trump connection in the media as a weapon if not evidence.

        I believe there’s also the possibility that they are looking for a Trump connection and though they may not be able to use it directly they would know where they need to go, they could use this as a path to find a new way to ‘discover’ the evidence. Even if what they find isn’t the smoking gun they’re looking for they can massage the information to keep the smear going for another two years along with the other mud they’re throwing.

        The law may be a tool but when the state has an itch to ‘get’ a person it ecomes a weapon. I’ve seen people run over with a steamroller by prosecutors, kept in court for extended periods and dtiven to the brink – if not actual – of bankruptcy. The state knows that the law can be used as a tool to ruin lives, especially lives that are causing problems to the status quo. You don’t have to have committed a crime, the state just infers you did and skillfully uses the media and the courts to ruin your life. The court may say you’re not guilty but the damages done by the media guarantee that your reputation’s shredded and you’ll be punished by the taint for years.

        I again point back to the trials of NOPD officers during Katrina for two notable civilian shooting incidents. Ten years of multiple statre and federal trials, the same officers each time, the same ‘not guilty’ verdicts followed by new trials on slightly different charges. During the period some officers were convicted on lesser charges, one wonders if they just gave up as their lives and their families’ lives were shredded and they took a lesser charge. Even then most of these convictions were overturned or those convicted had their sentences reduced, and those convicted were just a pportion of those charged and tried. The federal judge presiding over the government’s final attempt to lynch these cops wrote a scating opinion blasting the prosecution’s less-than-honorable tactics, and he didn’t hold back on the vitriol. Witnesses whose testimony changed from trial to trial, unfair pressure put on ‘witnesses’ by various levels of government, slimy trial procedures and a lot more. These cops’ convictions were important to certain mjembers of the media and government at all levels from city to federal, their being drawn and quartered had long since moved from justice to vengence and political theater…sorta like Trump and the Democratic cabal.

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        • lovely says:

          I’m wondering about the application for the warrant and the scope.

          I believe there’s also the possibility that they are looking for a Trump connection and though they may not be able to use it directly they would know where they need to go, they could use this as a path to find a new way to ‘discover’ the evidence.

          Exactly this.

          They took Cohen’s phone, they took his computers, all documents, they raided his office, his home and his hotel room.

          This is a fishing expedition. The public face is that Cohen has been cooperating. It seems to me that whoever generated these raids has nothing to lose.

          This is an FU raid.

          Cohen may or may not have violated the law but as we both know that is not carte blanche for an open ended warrant. It doesn’t trump client attorney privilege unless the court was presented with concrete evidence that President Trump and Cohen were working in tandem to subvert the law, something confirmable independent unshakeable evidence, something like the Steele dossier 🙄.

          Now the Obama/Clinton whorish fraction of the FBI is digging through every dot and comma and putting together a case. If the raid initiator presented concrete evidence that Cohen committed a crime independent of his clients knowledge, then law still states that only his communications may be viewed, the confiscated must be sifted through by a judge and everything not to do with Cohen and his illegalities would have to be redacted.

          My bet is that everything here is illegally begotten material that team O/H hope to use t blackmail into compliance. My belief is that President Trump is well aware of how far outside the law his enemies are willing to go and have gone.

          The sleaze balls are over the cliff and grabbing onto to loose tree branches.

          I’m thinking soon Comey and Mueller are going to pull a Thelma and Louise.

          PS first time in a long tome recently I told someone face to face “Because FU.” It was a discussion about President Trump and I should have known better. Lunatic open border liberal refused to see the facts so I spoke his language 😎.

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          • czarowniczy says:

            This is an all-out attack by DoJ who feels their position as national arboter and enforcer of cultural mores as defined by government is under attack.
            It shows other attorneyts that DoJ, largely composed of folks who’d have a hard time competing with private attorneys in civilian life, can destory their individual livelihoods. It shows the people that they can and will attack anyone, even a lawfully elected president, if it suitys their ends.

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  1. michellc says:

    What are they hoping to find, a signed check by Trump to Stormy Daniels? This is beyond insane.

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  2. lovely says:

    Heck of a day to stay away from the news.

    IMO this is Mueller’s last gasp. He is begging President Trump to have him fired. Everything gathered from President Trump’s personal attorney is fruit of the poisoned tree.



  3. joshua says:

    Mueller might get Arkancided if he is not careful and messes up the Clinton protection scam.

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    Wash Post is (giddily) reporting that Mueller seized communications between Cohen and his clients including those between Cohen and Trump including ‘protected client-attorney communications’. So while fishing for stuff to hang Cohen with they get Trump privileged communications as well as irrelevent stuff on non-connected clients.

    This could possibly lead to investigations on or prosecutions of people totally unrelated to the Trump witch hunt, a whole new swamp of legal issues. At the very least I think you are going to see an egress of clients from Cohen’s firm as well as an egress of funds from Cohen’s bank accounts as he has to pay for his defense, and there’s no telling how long the Feds will drag this out.

    See what I was saying about how the Feds use taxpayer funds to punish those who dare defy their agendas?

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    • stella says:

      The sad thing is that now NO client of any attorney can be assured that his information is protected under attorney-client privilege.


      • czarowniczy says:

        And that’s been a bone in the throat of prosecutors for a looooong time – what better time to attack it? Watch states follow suit – no pun intended.


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