White House Press Briefing With Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, April 4, 2018

Thus far, the White House hasn’t issued a live stream today, so we will see if this actually happens …

Scheduled for 2:30 pm. So far (after 3:00 pm) it hasn’t happened.

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8 Responses to White House Press Briefing With Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, April 4, 2018

  1. stella says:

    These reporters cause me to use bad language out loud.


  2. G-d&Country says:

    So there is a problem judging these people quickly when they enter she said.

    I remember after Hurricane Katrina the government knocked on people’s doors and told them they had to go to New Orleans, or go to prison. This happened to my chiropractor’s friend who is a mortician. It was New Orleans or Shirley prison in MA where murderes are – not the local jail. He was in New Orleans for 2-3 months I think. I believe Pres Bush started this and pres Obama expanded it to civilian personnel.

    Soooo according to https://www.justice.gov/eoir/eoir-immigration-court-listing there are 69 immigration judges in Calif. alone. Let’s have the gov’t knock on their doors, bring them to the border, have the military set up a temporary base, and they can go through the illegal aliens that come in until there is a stoppage of them coming in mass. If they know they have to stay there until the illegals stop coming in mass, they will judge them very quickly indeed! The Calif judges can go to the Calif border, the Texas judges to the Texas border etc. The illegals should be sent back to the furthest point away from the US in their home country.

    This is an emergency just as devastating, if not more, than a hurricane, so treat it as such.


  3. G-d&Country says:

    Forgot – All those desk bound FBI, DOJ agents etc., maybe they can be sent to the border to help, or even to sanctuary cities to bring in ms13 gang members, heck there are enough of them right nearby in Maryland.


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