Mueller’s investigation could impact midterm elections: Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a brilliant observer, and this interview with Lou Dobbs is well worth watching. Also worth reading is CTH analysis:

Victor Davis Hanson Discusses the Downstream Effects of Corruption Within Obama’s FBI and DOJ…


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4 Responses to Mueller’s investigation could impact midterm elections: Victor Davis Hanson

  1. Menagerie says:

    Several of the comments hit me, especially the one about there being no one in the Senate who is doing a thing about this.

    I am convinced that all government, from my little town and county, to especially the federal level, has beome a place for parasites to occupy themselves with creating ways to suck more life out of productive business and people, and to just “make work” to keep their office. It is all a Potemkin Village on a grand scale.

    The next county over from us, there was a county commissioner who has all but bankrupted the county. There are lawsuits involving a hospital deal gone bad, and if the county loses that suit, my brother says his property taxes theoretically will go up by a factor of 10. Of ocurse almost everyone in the county would lose their home, so surely they have to do something else.

    When she was defeated in her bid for re-election, finally defeated after years of pulling the wool over people’s eyes, the last week she was in office she transferred her county owned vehicle to one of the county departments where a buddy of hers was going to hire her for mega bucks to basically do nothing, and she still wanted her personal use car.

    We are, most of us, all aware that this is basically what every elected official, and almost all those employed by government, those who can get away with it, are doing.

    They aren’t trying to solve problems, they are, as Sundance and so many others have pointed out for so long, putting on a public play while the bank is being robbed and the towns are burning down.

    One last thought. When my kids were old enough to get invitations from other kids to spend the night, I wanted to know something about the family and where they would be, who would be supervising them, etc. It was tough to make decisions sometimes because in this day and age, you can’t know all the families in your kid’s class, they usually don’t even live in the same neighborhood. So, I would call the mother and ask those questions. More times than not, the mother would seem aggravated and surprised to be questioned about a sleepover.

    This is the politician of today, aggravated at world events, economic problems, attentive and demanding citizenry. They just want to get on with what they got elected to do. Live the lifestyle they think they deserve.

    Remember Nancy Pelosi’s liquor bill on the plane she used? As long as they can have the base stirred up over Russians and protecting poor starving immigrant children it’s smooth sailing.

    And I mean this not as describing some, or even a lot, of the government. Both parties. Doesn’t matter whether they identify as liberal or conservative. With few rare exceptions, it is the whole damned bunch, local to the highest level. Every branch of government. The legal system is nothing but a giant feeding trough. All of it.

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  2. czarowniczy says:

    Well ‘DUH’. This was ALL orchestrated to effect the midterms and, eventually, 2020. There are gutless RINOs in the Senate who are affraid Trump will effect their feeding positions at the trough and there are various mionority groups who’ve been mobolized through their fearbtheir free lunch may be at stake. They’re all out to create as much fire, smoke and fear in the general population as they did in various othetr (latest 2016) elections in tha past – vote for entitlements ans we won’t burn down your cities and generally act like animals.
    This is that full court press I mentioned back before Trump was even sworn in, years of endless pin pricks and cuts meant to bleed the administration’s positivity and validity, causing it to fight a defensive action instead of moving forward – then blame it for not following thru on its promises and agenda.
    We have caravans of illiterate slouching across the Mexican desert and the Atlantic ocean towards the cornucopia of entitlements they’ve been promised for helping turn America into a wealthier version of the sh*t-hole countries they’re running from. Their job will be to bolster the native corrosive elements here with theie non-English speaking consumptive, non-productive presence. And those are their good qualities.


    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      An off shoot of this plan is stealing one-two years of Trumps’ presidency…….. cause if this blue collar billionaire ever started rolling………… the demo rats, RINOs would just leave….


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