Building a Stronger America: President Trump Delivers Remarks on the Infrastructure Initiative

Scheduled for 2:00 pm, Richfield, OH

Nothing more visibly reveals the failure of Washington than the crumbling roads, bridges, and infrastructure that dot America’s landscape. Instead of putting people to work, fragmented and unpredictable federal approval processes drag on for years and sometimes decades. It’s time to lighten the federal touch, provide clear rules of the road for new technologies, and empower communities to modernize this archaic system.

President Donald J. Trump Sparks Renewed Focus on American Infrastructure

Fact Sheet:

  • President Donald J. Trump’s proposal for rebuilding infrastructure in America uses $200 billion in Federal funds to spur at least $1.5 trillion in infrastructure investments.
  • According to an analysis by the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), a 10-year $1.5 trillion infrastructure investment program could add between 0.1 and 0.2 percentage points to annual average gross domestic product (GDP) growth.
  • Stronger GDP growth from increased infrastructure investment would help boost the American economy, raise wages for American workers, and improve the standard of living in American communities.


  • A major infrastructure investment program would provide employment opportunities for Americans who did not attend college.
  • CEA estimates that a $1.5 trillion infrastructure investment would result in the employment of 290,000 to 414,000 additional infrastructure workers, on average, over a ten-year window.
    • There are an estimated 350,000 infrastructure workers currently unemployed and available to fill positions.
    • The positive effect on employment could be even greater if States loosen licensing requirements that prevent workers from working across State lines.
  • Increasing infrastructure employment would especially benefit workers with fewer years of education.
    • In 2016, 62 percent of infrastructure workers had a high school degree or less.
    • Infrastructure jobs pay workers without any college education median hourly wages that are 14 percent higher than other occupations.
    • Skilled trade jobs often involved in infrastructure work provide a wage premium of 32 percent.
  • President Trump’s plan includes reforms to improve access to education and workforce-development programs, including expanding Pell Grant eligibility to high-quality, short-term programs and reauthorizing the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act.
    • These reforms would help prepare American workers to fill infrastructure jobs as well as jobs in other sectors of the economy.

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