First Lady Melania Trump Hosts Roundtable with Technology Leaders

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One Response to First Lady Melania Trump Hosts Roundtable with Technology Leaders

  1. Lucille says:

    Such a good-hearted woman and First Lady. She can bring national focus on this problem. Let’s pray it does some good and cuts into the percentage of kids participating in such actions.

    Online bullying goes on every day, 24/7. It’s the ultimate clique when bullies band together to do harm to their rivals or just to some ordinary kid they dislike for whatever skewed reason. Today’s bullies are a new breed altogether…they’re not your grandfather’s bullies who were bad enough. I doubt there were many boys and girls who killed themselves after being bullied during my school years…certainly never heard of such a thing…but they could be destructive and frightening if they threatened a child bodily.

    The majority of parents in 2018 will not say “no” to their children who want all these devices that can be used to interfere with young minds and sense of self. What to do? Parents can’t merely delegate this problem to the device/programming/what-have-you providers. It must be dealt with school by school with parental, teacher and administrative involvement, creating bullying prevention guidelines, and teaching classes on behavior modification. And parents must not be afraid of their kids or afraid to “pry” but instead set up lines of communication which assist in providing ways to not let other children get under their skin, but give them some resilience and tools to deflect the destructive “arrows” others may shoot their way. As my mother used to say, “Tain’t easy, Magee.” But a person will never know unless he tries.


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