Can You Pass This 100 Question U.S. Civics Quiz?

sept-28-1787_headerHere’s an “oldie but goodie”; from time to time we post a quiz so that you can test your knowledge.  I’m sure that you all will do remarkably well!

Most of the questions in this quiz are taken right from the U.S. Naturalization Exam. See how you do, and report your score (if you like) in the comments.

Good luck!

NOTE: Some of the questions have been changed since the last time I posted this quiz.

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17 Responses to Can You Pass This 100 Question U.S. Civics Quiz?

  1. I made a 93%! Better than I thought I would! Some of the questions did make me giggle, the Hookah tribe? Lol!

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    I’m shocked, but I got 91%. A few I missed were really stupid, though. LOL


  3. I don’t feel dumb to have missed 7. I have a terrible memory, but the ones I missed were really dumb. Oh well, “Been there, done that, can’t remember!” I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order because of a dumb song I learned in elementary school, but ppplllttt!


  4. joshua says:

    I wonder if the snowflake marchers could get ANY of the right answers.


    • I truly doubt it, Joshua. So sad.


      • joshua says:

        Snowflakes learn the Constitutional Amendments like this::
        One potato speak
        Two potato shoot
        Three potato bed no soldiers
        Four potato no search
        Five potato you no make me talk
        Six potato I gets a trial
        Seven potato dat trial be a jury one
        Eight potato my bail is too damn high
        Nine potato citizens got hidden rights too
        Ten potato you Louisiana folk leave us Texans and Okie alone
        and so forth for some 27 or 33 potatoes worth give or take some spuds here and there.

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  5. czarowniczy says:

    Welllll, at least they’re not going to revoke my citizenship.

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  6. I got a 95% as some of my guesses were lucky. I thought I would have been in the 80’s, so I’m thankful. Thanks, Stella, for the challenge!

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