“Spending Bill the Worst I’ve Ever Seen” Jim Jordan

This is very troubling. Funds Planned Parenthood. Funds sanctuary cities. Restricts 2nd Amendment freedom. Grows government. Increases the deficit. BORDER WALL NOT FUNDED!

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4 Responses to “Spending Bill the Worst I’ve Ever Seen” Jim Jordan

  1. Gil says:

    How can anyone not see Paul Ryan and his team are only out for themselves?


  2. Lucille says:

    The spending bill is a direct slap to President Trump. If he wants to fully fund the military, they are going to force him to sign this atrocity.

    Guess Paul Ryan is OK with killing babies in the womb. I’d love to see his Bishop and other prelates call him out on his abrogation of Christian duty and Catholic doctrine.

    As for illegal immigration and sanctuary citiy enabling, which is what refusal to secure our borders and funding a city’s illegal action against federal law means, we’ve always known the GOPe supports that plank in the CofC’s program.


    • czarowniczy says:

      How about: “The spending bill is a direct slap to those of us who pay taxes”? Note they continue to gild the ‘safety net’ at the expense of those of us being wrung dry.

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  3. michellc says:

    At least my congressman didn’t vote for it. That’s about the only nice thing I can say about it.

    I truly believe the GOP wants to lose control of both houses because once again people are asking, “what’s the difference?”

    I pray that when this passes the Senate and there’s no doubt it will pass, Trump will veto it, but all I see is him and the WH saying he will sign it. This is not a compromise, it is giving almost everything democrats want and pretty much nothing that conservative voters want or voted for.


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