Miami Bridge Failure Update 18 March 2018

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7 Responses to Miami Bridge Failure Update 18 March 2018

  1. rheavolans says:

    So, I am not an engineering major, but Blancolirio says the ends of the bridge had more tension added too them while it was being set into place. Shouldn’t the tension have been relieved on both ends at the same time? In the video footage, there doesn’t seem to be anyone working on relieving the tension on the far side of the bridge. Or is the fact that the bridge did not withstand having tension relieved on one end more proof of fatal design flaws?

    Other questions: was that rod Chinese steel? And who in the local government will lose their job for not closing the freaking road? I’m not looking for low-level heads to roll, either. This would have been nothing more than a construction project failure if people hadn’t been under the bridge when it failed.


    • Sharon says:

      Re local government responsibilities – yes – if there was a flaw in the design or a flaw in the procedures used to install/test things, someone local had to have signed off, I would think? It would not just be the sign off by the contractor?


      • rheavolans says:

        That is what I am thinking.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Nice thought but when the 17th Street Canal failed and flooded most of suburban to downtown NOLA during Katrina no one lost anything…erxcept the citizens. Weeks before the hurricane when there was no storm in sight the man whose house was in the center of the break…ironically a geologist…called everyone from the City including the Levee Board to report cold water and sand geysers in his back yard. There’s no natural sand in NOLA soils and he knew it had to be water coming under the concrete levee walls and pushing bedding sand up…but none of the ‘experts’ did anything.
        The Lower 9th was heavily flooded as a barge battered thru a levee wall in the Industrial Canal. The City warned ship owners with boats moored in the Canal to secure them but never checked. One barge got loose, battered through a levee wall and flooded the 9th on the west while the surge thru St Bernard came in thru the east. No one got tagged on that one either.
        Bottom line is that people, for whatever reason, do not hold ‘public servants’ liable for their sins of commission or commission.


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