Internet Sales Tax in Omnibus Spending Bill?

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An internet sales tax would cost consumers billions of dollars, kill American jobs by forcing online retailers out of the country, and would be a boon to China’s internet retail giant, opponents say.

“The internet is the great equalizer,” Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Tuesday. “The internet has democratized small business. Unfortunately, wherever freedom flourishes, Washington gets nervous. And almost inevitably, regulators and tax collectors see people prospering on the internet, and they want to tax it, regulate it, and otherwise stifle its growth.”

“That would be a serious, serious mistake,” said Cruz. “One of the critical reasons the internet has flourished and driven the economy worldwide is that it has been free of taxes and free of unnecessary government regulations.”

The rationale (the tax is supported by President Trump, by the way) is that it will penalize retailers without a physical presence in a state, like Amazon, who (proponents say) are stealing business from in-state retailers and resulting tax income from the state.

The way I see it, it will steal money from my pocket. What do you think?

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11 Responses to Internet Sales Tax in Omnibus Spending Bill?

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Some years back California was collecting taxes on internet sales that took place in California regardless of whether or not the sale originated there. I know anumber of businesses were planning on pulling out, especially as some states were starting to tax internet sales originating in their statexs regardless of where the seller was located.
    We rely heavily on the internet as about 50% of what we buy just ain’t available within 50 miles of our farm and we’d be without otherwise.
    So much for innovation and capitalism.

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  2. rheavolans says:

    It will steal money. I was upset when Amazon came to Indiana – if I buy through Amazon now, i have to pay tax because they have a physical presence in the state.

    They can’t help themselves, can they? It’s there’s something they think they can make money off of by taxing, they do it. Never mind that on eBay Chinese sellers frequently undersell items compared to US sellers – let’s just make that worse by taxing US sellers on top of that.

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  3. michellc says:

    We already have to pay sales tax. I’m not a big online shopper and only shop online when I have no other choice.
    With that said, I get sick and tired of politicians wanting to tax everything. They just can’t keep their greedy hands out of our pockets.
    Just saw tonight that our state senate passed a 12% teacher pay raise, hell they couldn’t even wait for them to walk out and it will be funded by taking money from our pockets. Taxes on cigarettes, fuel and gross production on oil and gas.
    If you want to give them a pay raise then you should have to cut something not hurt us all. Yep, I’m pretty ticked off.

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    • Menagerie says:

      Good grief, I’ve never heard of anybody getting a 12% raise before, unless it was a base rate adjustment. Are they saying teachers salaries in your county were far below average?


      • michellc says:

        They want to make Oklahoma teachers some of the highest paid is what they’re saying.
        They throw temper tantrums and threaten a walk out and they start jumping through hoops for them.
        BTW it still isn’t making all those stomping their feet happy, because they’re not increasing the school budget.

        This is only about trying to stop them from walking out. I knew they’d do it because politicians are idiots. The problem with giving into demands is the demands don’t stop.
        Oklahoma teachers aren’t paid what some other states are paid, however the cost of living is not up there with other states either. So let’s hurt people by paying more for gas and let’s hurt one of the main industries in Oklahoma to try and appease a bunch of whine bags.

        Again, I do not feel sorry for teachers, they knew what their salary was going to be before they went to school to get a degree in education.

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        • stella says:

          That’s why public sector unions should be illegal. Nobody bargains for us – the ones who pay the bills.


          • michellc says:


            I was arguing with a teacher the other day about how if they got a raise it was coming out of my pocket, why should I have to pay for their raise? I don’t even have kids in school and even my grandkids won’t be going to school. She whined how hateful I was and how I didn’t appreciate that they were shaping our future and should be compensated for it. I told her if that was her argument then it sure was a poor one. They were producing bratty little snowflakes who can’t write properly, can’t do simple math and are ignorant.
            She went on to whine about a convenience store manager makes almost as much as she does. I told her even if that was true, that manager isn’t getting summer off, he’s not getting 2 weeks off for Christmas, a week off for fall break, a week off for spring break, a minimum of 3 days off for Thanksgiving nor is he getting all major holidays off and he doesn’t have a 4 day work week. (She teaches at a school that has went to a 4 day week) He also isn’t getting his health insurance paid for him and he doesn’t have anywhere near the kind of retirement that you have. To top it off his employer is paying his salary and is not asking me to pay more in taxes for his salary or his raises.

            I finished it off with if you’re so jealous of the manager that you think makes as much as you then maybe you should quit your job and become a convenience store manager.

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          • michellc says:

            Oh and get this she comes back and says, “I don’t get summers off, my contract is for 10 months a year. I just choose to have it paid over 12 months rather than 10 months. I make $34,000 a year after my insurance and before taxes so that is only $2800 per month and the manager I know makes $650 per week which is as much as I make and I have a degree and deserve to make more than he does when he doesn’t have a degree.”

            I guess that’s why kids don’t learn math, math is hard for teachers.

            I explained to her that if her contract is for 10 months then she’s really making $3400 per month. I also told her obviously his employer believes he deserves his salary or he wouldn’t be making what he does.
            Maybe if we want to go to what someone deserves we evaluate teachers and they get paid according to their results. Private schools do that and teachers in private schools make more, the only difference is if they aren’t producing results then they lose their job and I don’t have to pay for their salaries.

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          • michellc says:

            Funding failed, so no pay raise for them. They say they’re walking out April 2nd. State workers are also jumping into the mix. I say let them all walk and continue walking. Replace them with people who want to work and work without whining.

            Here are their demands:
            The 12.7 percent raises would not equal the amount sought by the Oklahoma Education Association. Last week, OEA leaders unveiled the specifics of their demand for $10,000 teacher pay raises and said legislative talk of $2,000 raises would not stop public school teachers from walking out en masse on April 2.

            The state’s teachers union proposal calls for a $6,000 teacher raise in year 1 and $2,000 each in years 2 and 3, for a total, three-year cost of $1.46 billion.
            They also want a raise for school support workers that would cost $292.5 million by the end of those same three fiscal years.

            “We cannot — no, we will not allow our students to go without any longer,” OEA President Alicia Priest said last week. “If the Legislature doesn’t pass $6,000 teacher pay raises and necessary revenue to pay for them, … OEA is calling on every Oklahoma teacher to leave their classroom and come to the Capitol.”

            Senate President Pro Tem Mike Schulz, R-Altus, said after that demand was issued that a $10,000 pay raise for teachers right now “is very unrealistic.”

            Several area school boards have voted to authorize their superintendents to shut down schools if the teachers go through with the planned walkouts.

            Oklahoma state employees have vowed to join teachers in the April walkout if lawmakers fail to deliver on demands for increased pay and funding for them, as well.

            The Oklahoma Public Employees Association board of directors voted last weekend to move forward on a work stoppage plan if more than $213 million in state employee pay raises is not approved by April 2.


      • michellc says:

        One of our local convenience stores for years had a sign up at the gas pumps that broke down how much the gallon of gas was in what you were paying just for gas and then the tax breakdown you were paying for a gallon of gas. State officials started coming down him telling he couldn’t do that, eventually because they had more money than he did to fight it he took it down. Somebody should do that again and add in the teacher tax. lol

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