Mike Pompeo interview on Fox News Sunday

Our CIA director discusses the upcoming talks with North Korea.

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3 Responses to Mike Pompeo interview on Fox News Sunday

  1. stella says:

    Also, meh Russia.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    What a fruitcake, well only one in the middle of many. He is given a list of preconditions that Un has to do and immediately asks if there are any preconditions, making it seem like none were asked for.

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  3. lovely says:

    The most interesting thing that Pompeo said is that the Trump administration has determined that Kim Un is capable of rational thought. A point lost on the interviewer.

    Kim Jung Un rules through terror which is backed by money. Kim is losing power as he is losing money. Kim has got to be tired of watching his back. Remember most people project their world view onto others, Kim believes that most North Koreans of any power would take him out if they were given the chance.

    John Roberts is an idiot. He didn’t hear a single word that Pompeo said he came with his list of preconceived ideas and just barked them at Pompeo after Pompeo spoke. What a joke of an interview.

    As soon as Kim Un said it was his father’s dying wish that Kim stop the nuclearization of North Korea President Trump started looking for a graceful way for Kim Un to give up his nuclear program.


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