Respect The Flag

“When we don’t respect the flag enough to fight for it, we will be the weakest generation.” Jon McNaughton

from Jon McNaughton. He says: My new painting – “Respect the Flag.”

Full quote:

I painted President Trump picking up a shredded and trampled flag off the football field. He holds a wet cloth in his right hand, as he attempts to clean it.

I respect America. I respect the flag, the anthem, and the President; because he doesn’t back down to those who do not.

When the NFL players decide to kneel as the national anthem was given, I felt sick. That flag represents the vast number of Americans who have sacrificed their lives for our nation. It is about their blood and the sacrifice of many thousands.

If we do not respect the flag enough to fight for what it stands for – liberty, justice, and strength – then we will be the weakest generation. The way Trump called out the NFL for not supporting the standing of the national anthem was an example of how a President should lead, with courage to say and do the right thing regardless of the reaction of others.×20-canvas-giclee-limited-edition-s-n-edition-200/

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7 Responses to Respect The Flag

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I don’t like seeing the distress on his face, but I think that is why he ran for President.

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  2. That almost actually hurts to look at. Almost always with McNaughton’s paintings, too.

    The Forgotten Man was another with that “quality”.

    Here’s Ben Shapiro at CPAC. Amazing man. He always looks like a kid to me. I think he’s a little older than me, so, lucky Jew. 😉 He still gets carded for beer. I don’t any more, but also, I decided to grow a beard. I don’t even know if Ben can grow a full beard. It’d be neat to see, if he can!

    He’s an amazing man, and a very funny and witty and quick-witted man, like so many Jews.

    I watched a couple of his Q&A sessions today, and, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else who can speak extemporaneously and with as much charm and wit as this guy. He is focused. And yet, disarming. His humor, and his focus — neither come off to me as arrogance. He’s funny, he tries to be Good, and he knows he’s right. I know people who think that is arrogant. Like most Trump-haters each time he Tweets the truth or some genius bit of rhetoric. It’s not evil to be funny and right. And it’s not arrogant to know when you’re right, and say it.


    • (The 1:00 mark should convince you I’m right about Shapiro. I dang near lost it!)


    • (At about 4:21, he says, pointedly, “Social Justice is not justice, and Political Correctness is not correct.” I’ve been saying that for years about every alphabet agency in our federal government. None of them are true to their names, and most are the opposite.)


      • Sharon says:

        About two weeks ago, I was in a Bible class led by an old guy who knows where the bones are buried in this country and he made a parenthetical statement at one point along those lines.

        “There’s no such thing as political correctness. It’s just a substitute for truth.”


  3. Reblogged this on Special Connections and commented:
    Stella brings us another patriotic & moving gem–Thanks!

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  4. Sharon says:

    Love Jon McNauton’s work. Always.


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