BREAKING: FOUR Broward County Deputies Waited Outside School As Children Were Massacred

It was bad enough to know that one police officer stood outside while children were killed and wounded, but FOUR?

Daily Wire

On Friday, CNN issued a shock report finding that earlier reports regarding Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson — the armed school safety officer who apparently cowered outside the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while a mass shooter slaughtered 17 people inside — were accurate, but that Peterson wasn’t the only officer waiting outside. According to CNN:

When Coral Springs police officers arrived at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14 in the midst of the school shooting crisis, many officers were surprised to find not only that Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson, the armed school resource officer, had not entered the building, but that three other Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were also outside the school and had not entered, Coral Springs sources tell CNN. The deputies had their pistols drawn and were behind their vehicles, the sources said, and not one of them had gone into the school.

REMINDER: Real Heroes

Okay. I can accept – even if I despise the thought – that one policeman is a coward. But four? This is beginning to look like the officers were TOLD to stand down and wait. If the Coral Springs Police had not shown up (they were the first police on the scene to go into the building and rescue the wounded) we might not even know about this. If Coral Springs City Manager had not called out the Broward County Sheriff’s Department publicly (and that was eight days ago), I am confident that this would never have been reported.

Think about this. That snake, Sheriff Israel, stood on the stage at that phony CNN Town Hall and attempted to heap blame on people who had nothing to do with the shootings.

Sheriff Israel should resign. If he won’t resign, he should be fired.

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27 Responses to BREAKING: FOUR Broward County Deputies Waited Outside School As Children Were Massacred

  1. TwoLaine says:

    It was also Coral Springs who caught the murderer. They seem to have done all the heavy lifting.

    So what exactly does any need Broward County Sheriff’s Department for?

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  2. stella says:

    The resentment among Coral Springs officials toward Broward County officials about what they perceived to be a dereliction of duty may have reached a boiling point at a vigil the night of February 15, where, in front of dozens of others, Coral Springs City Manager Mike Goodrum confronted Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. A source familiar with the conversation tells CNN that Goodrum was upset that the Broward deputies had remained outside the school while kids inside could have been bleeding out, among other reasons.

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    • stella says:

      Two days after the shooting, Coral Springs Police Chief Tony Pustizzi addressed some of the concerns voiced by his officers in an internal email obtained by CNN that said, among other items, “I understand that another agency has given the impression that it had provided the majority of the rescue efforts, and that the tremendous work of the Coral Springs Police and Fire Departments has not been recognized. Please know that this issue will be addressed, and the truth will come out in time. The focus for us now, however, must be on healing — for ourselves, our families, our community and those residents surrounding us. While recognition is not the reason we choose to do what we do, our Commission, City Manager and residents are well aware of the actions our members took in the face of danger and the heroes that you are.”
      The Broward County Sheriff’s Office did not return multiple requests for comment.

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  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    Remember the controversy swirling around Sheriff Israel

    When he picked his second hand man in charge from CAIR


  4. michellc says:

    How the hell do those people live with themselves? I don’t care if they were told to stand down, when lives are being lost, especially childrens’ lives you ignore orders and do your job.

    The entire office should be fired, starting with the sheriff. Every single one who hid outside, the superior who gave the order and the sheriff should not only be fired, but never allowed to wear a badge again and lose their pension.

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      39x the sheriff’s department went to Cruz house

      Not 1 arrest report filed

      Which would have prevented the sale of the guns

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      • michellc says:

        The entire department needs to be cleaned out imo. They all have blood on their hands.
        The problem is when you have a corrupt sheriff, he wants yes men under him. Most sheriff departments the sheriff can come on and get rid of every deputy he wants and replace them with what he wants.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        That’s why we need gun control, so that screwups by agencies paid to keep us safe will keep guns from making their screwups worse.


  5. Lucille says:

    How many times a day during any war do men and women uphold their honor and show us their mettle and their courage?

    This latest news update brought to mind Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, two of the heroes of Benghazi. Glen and Tyrone went against orders to enter the fray BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Thoughts of fatal consequences were put on the back burner because they knew they wouldn’t be able to live with the knowledge they’d done nothing. It wasn’t within their character to stay clear of a just fight. THEY LOVED HONOR MORE!

    We know such praise can never be given to these four deputies…not if they live to be 100. Shame will be their mantle until they repent of their sins and make some sort of restitution to both the families and society. Only time will tell what their decisions will be.

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  6. rheavolans says:

    I suspected Deputy Peterson had been thrown under the bus by the sheriff. I begin to think I was right. But the other side of this is that this is not the first time LEOs have stood by and done nothing when lives were at stake. Remember this story out of Connecticut?

    The police are under no obligation to protect anyone and there’s a court ruling to that effect:

    Remember this – all of this – when liberals tell you the police will protect you and that you don’t need a gun.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Here I go with Katrina again…
      On blocks all through the city you’s see hand-lettered signs “You Loot – We Shoot” posted. People who stayed behind were armed and protected their property, on many blocks they organized and divided shifts. There was nothing even vaguely close to law enforcement – for months afterward volunterr police from around the US were sent here by their departments and most Fed agencies sent groups of LEA alsol. There was National Guard (they were sent without ammo for their guns) and active duty but they had other jobs and their actual LEA functions were limited. The Guard started to pull out in October and well before the population staged any large scale return we were down to skin and bones asgain.
      Skip that ‘protection’ stuff, there was massive looting of private residences, there wasn’t any police to stop it they were all busy just trying to keep what major crimes down they could. Unless you had a cop’s private cell number there was no way to get help for an emergency for MONTHS after Katrina as phone lines were down and the 911 services were destroyed.
      So don’t buy the ‘call a cop’ crap, in a dire emergency there most likely won’t be one, see Hurricane Harvey in Houston,2017.

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      • stella says:

        I just posted a link to an article about our Detroit Police Chief. He wants to arm teachers (and any other citizen who is willing, able, and trained).

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        • czarowniczy says:

          I know, this antigun agenda must have some sin ister agenda (more clozapine, Dr Schumer). Look at Mexico – heavy gun control yet their murder rate is horrendous. Even if you take gun transfers to Mexican thugs by the ATF and DoJ you still have no problems with their having almost unlimited access to guns and ammo. It would be nice to have a fighting chance.

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        • I believe I saw the Detroit Police Chief some time back on the news advocating for the citizenry to arm themselves, a refreshingly less political perspective than some of his predecessors that held that office…

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  7. czarowniczy says:

    I would like to think of this as an isolated incident but I’m immediately thrown back too…hate to bring it up again…Katrina.
    Both sheriffs’ departments (we had two elected sheriffs) and NOPD fell apart. Not just fell apart but deputies and police officers running away, abandoning their posts and the people they were sworn and paid to serve. We had officers looting, stealing cars, some cought a state away in NOPD cars they just drove off in…it was a disaster that no one, especially the departments, speak about.
    Many of the officers who stayed and held things together while the brass was living in a luxury hotel in the Quarter were ex-military. One prime figure in saving what was left had just returned from Iraq where he’d been a Marine MP escorting units on the invasion. He commandeered a building, supplies and what he could to set up a police ‘station’ in a dry area of the city, most every other police building in the city having been flooded. This building became a point where officers who needed rest, food, a ‘shower’ or clothing/equipment could drop in and get it. He worked about 20 hours a day but always made sure there was fresh, hot coffee in the kitched and that the officers there got at least one hot meal a day. If he could requisition food he pulled money from his own pocket and bought it out of the area.
    As I’ve said many times here and next door, the officers reflect the community they’re drawn from. You get the military types that stand fast and the ‘I’m only here for the beer’ types that cower in the face of danger and wait for those with more metallic spines. You generally don’t find them until they get tested but once you do find them it’s best to helpm them find other jobs. New Orleans had so many runaways that it compromised and allowed a panel of NOPD officers to hear the reasoning of officers who deserted but wanted to come back. If the panel accepted their reasons they would recommend reinstatement – if not they’d disallow the officer’s return. The other departments generally just let anyone come back whon wanted to.
    It’s been 13 years now, those officers who were here during Katrina are fewer and fewer so no one knows if another Katrina will produce another rout…only time will tell. What you saw at the Florida school shooting is basically what we saw here…and the pols want you to trust your LEA completely and without question.

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    • The best coverage of Katrina, journalistically, was from England and Australia.

      Absolutely nothing in American media was believable, if you have any discernment whatsoever.

      Most folks don’t want to wrap their minds around that.

      Remember Geraldo during Katrina, holding a baby toward the camera?

      Almost everything is scripted now.

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      • Talking bullshit is a course in Public Schools. Has been for quite a while.


      • stella says:

        I remember wanting to punch Shepherd Smith in the face.


      • czarowniczy says:

        The best coverage, realisticly, was from our l;ittle police outpost. The press coverage you saw was largely the result of thesevguys providing body gurads as the press roamed ‘freely and bravely’ thru the waste. Actually they were mostly guarded, the press just didn’t want them in-frame.
        There was one officer, who does appear in a few of the Katrina documentatries made by network reporters, who was heavily responsible for that press coverage as he and his team were organized from the early-on, he being a Marine just back from Iraq. I’ve mentioned him many times before, in gratitude (yes that’s sarcasm) the city and Feds tried for years to convict him on charges soundly rebuffed by state and Fed courts.
        An entire fake-news created history has been built around Katrina – the PD and SO collapse hasv been buried as has the truth about the looting. The government trying to force confiscation of private firearms while not being able to provide protection from the looters who stayed behind is also buried. Instead we have state and local pols being dressed in shining Joan of Arc armor fearlessly leading the first responders to the rescue of the shattered city. If you believe that I have a school resource officer in Broward county I’ll sell ya.
        What I remember about Katrina is nothing like what the press cooked up – they must have been in a different New Orleans.

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        • I do remember seeing a video of a woman in NOLA, in full police uniform, obviously on duty, filling a shopping cart with boxes of shoes, hastily. She was way too big to have passed any fair test of physical fitness. Large Marge from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure came to mind when I watched it. Filled the entire cart with shoes. A po-po on duty.

          Katrina was a s**t-show. An embarrassment to the United States of America.

          I remember hearing or reading stories, years before Katrina, about cops in NOLA standing back-to-back with drug dealers and ticket-scalpers at sports events. Protecting them for a quid pro quo.

          Don’t get me wrong, I am on good terms with all the cops in my town, and I have no more animosity toward cops than I do catholic priests, in general. But. There is corruption everywhere. In every institution. Helps to be aware of that fact.


          • czarowniczy says:

            We had quite a few NMOPD who were embarrassingly…fluffy. A lot of places gave us free meals, especially Popeye’s, whe we were in uniform and a lotta LEA would hit more than one on a shift.
            Yup, some cops looted, some stole cars, a local Cadillac dealer the most famous one to be looted. We now have had a heavy turnover with a lotta new out-of-town recruits so only another Katrina-size disaster will tell us how much we’ve changed.


            • Wooly Covfefe says:

              Like you said, the local (and county, and State) LEA come from the populace.

              Who are the people in the city, county and state? What are their morals? Where do they get their morals? Who teaches them, mostly? Under whose administration was Nikolas Cruz taught for 8 years, (for that matter.)?

              I seriously wish we could somehow eradicate Public Schooling and TV. Both are the root of all of our problems.


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