JROTC cadets killed in Florida honored by the Army

Fox News

Three junior ROTC cadets who were killed in the Florida high school shooting last week will be honored with heroism medals by the U.S. Army.

A spokesman for the U.S. Army told Fox News on Tuesday that Cadet Command approved Junior ROTC Heroism Medals for cadets Alaina Petty, Peter Wang and Martin Duque.

The family of Petty, 14, were presented the medal during her funeral service Monday, at which more than 1,500 people attended to pay their respects.

Wang’s family received his medal at his service Tuesday morning.

According to students and teachers, Wang, 15, died in his junior ROTC uniform while helping students, teachers and staff escape from the shooting rampage.

An online petition to the White House sought to give Wang military honors at his funeral. It had more than 43,700 signatures as of Tuesday.

The Army honored Wang at his open-casket funeral, his medal pinned to his JROTC uniform. A keepsake medal was also given to the family.

Additionally, the U.S. Military Academy West Point is posthumously admitting Wang, who dreamed of attending the prestigious academy, Fox News confirmed.

The family of 13-year-old Duque will receive the medal on Saturday during his funeral services.

Maddox said awards for other possible cadets are going through a review process.

I saw an on-line comment that touched me, so I am sharing it here with you.

Medal of Heroism, is a U.S. military decoration awarded by the Department of the Army (DA) to a JROTC cadet who performs an act of heroism. The achievement must be an accomplishment so exceptional and outstanding that it clearly sets the individual apart from fellow students or from other persons in similar circumstances. The performance must have involved the acceptance of danger and extraordinary responsibilities, exemplifying praiseworthy fortitude and courage.

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5 Responses to JROTC cadets killed in Florida honored by the Army

  1. rheavolans says:

    I’m glad the Army did this for these kids. They were heroes.

    They deserved it.

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  2. Lucille says:

    What a wonderful honor! Thank you, U. S. Army!

    Diligently teach a child honor and he will live honorably. Constantly teach a child hate and he will be hateful. It’s all a matter of the instructor’s priorities and beliefs.

    Parents must guard their children from physical harm. Seeing to it that their minds focus on what is right and true, therein lies the challenge.

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  3. I am beyond moved by this post, Stella. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. And may I offer my deepest gratitude to my fellow veteran, your Marine for his words. Those of in the know are moved by them and with him I am sure we were -and are today- crying with him. Semper Fi ….

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  4. G-d&Country says:

    Why aren’t these brave and good teens the ones the press is glorifying and publicizing rather than the mentally ill shooter, and the adult driven protestors and cnn groupies. Rhetorical question I know, but it is a big part of the reason this happened in the first place.
    I do not know how to express my deep sadness at the loss of these fine teens other than through my tears. I am so fed up with seeing brave and good young Americans die in service of our country, and now at such a young age it breaks my heart. The adults failed all these children, not only in protecting them from someone violently mentally ill, but in promoting the narcissistic attitudes so prevalent today.
    Rest in Peace Good and Faithful Servants.You have been tried and proven true ~ Semper Fi.

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