Jeff Sessions on Immigration, Russia, and His Recusal

Interview with Maria Bartiromo.

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3 Responses to Jeff Sessions on Immigration, Russia, and His Recusal

  1. Lucille says:

    I wish Bartiromo had asked Sessions if it is true that he recused himself before speaking with President Trump. If so, then he wasn’t following proper protocol.

    The Cabinet position of Attorney General reports to the President. The courtesy of informing President Trump of the desire to recuse, giving him the legal reason for doing so, and informing him of the decision was definitely called for.

    If it’s true, as Reince Priebus states in his new book (which, IMO, seems to be a shot across the bow in hopes it will assist in bringing the Trump Presidency to an end in 2020) that the President was angry about Sessions’ recusal, then I don’t blame the President one bit. I won’t be reading the book and hope it will be a flop. But in the few snippets I’ve seen so far it also seems to me that he writes himself in as the good guy with all the principles, honor, expertise, and levelheadedness that the President supposedly lacks.

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  2. lovely says:

    Interpretation; The b*stard won and they’re all going to hang from nooses.”

    Dang, the art of attorney speak is fun.

    Let’s see Sessions pushed and got the death penalty for a Klansman in 1985, Sessions believes that the ACLU and NAACP are un-American. Jeff Sessions was the first political figure to embrace Trump, and he didn’t even blink an eye when Trump went for the jugular of his former friend Ted Cuz.

    This portion is simply speculation on my side but I’d bet that one of the people who sat in on all interviews was a voider jury specialist.

    Sessions said during his confirmation hearing that if anything came up involving the Trump campaign that he would recuse himself, yet we are to believe that President Trump was blindsided by Sessions recusal and throws weekly tempertantrubs one

    Sessions interview with Bartiromo was a showcase of his intelligence, knowledge of the law, his knowledge of how the law must be be applied and his ability to immediately determine what an interviewer is really doing.

    Bravo Attorney General Sessions, bravo!

    Just look at Jeff, he could be a Keebler Elf.and remember that President Trump is methodical in every thing that he does.

    People around President Trump are fleeing Trump

    Everyone is underestimating him. Both the Left and the Right think he is either corrupt or incompetent. I hope this little interview assuages the hearts of people who are worried about him being part of the deep state.

    Jeff Sessions is the pack, the Clinton/Obama clan is the wounded alien and the humans are the American public,

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    I really liked this interview and I still am behind Sessions.

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