The Great Food Stamp Binge

A Fox special from a few years ago. Good to watch while considering the current administration’s proposals for changes to the SNAP program.

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2 Responses to The Great Food Stamp Binge

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Let’s see if any ‘overhaul’ flies, the government food programs are cash cows for the entire food chain from the fields to the kitchen. I can remember the Feds buying so many ‘commodities’ in the 70s to stabilize prices that each commissary draw for our mess hall included a boulder-size block of cheese, a large container of slab butter and whatever other food items the USDA had overbought on.
    Now there are few items you can’t get on SNAP, for the most part anything that has a nutrition label qualifies and if you shop a slimy mini-mart around the projects you can get booze, cigarettes and guns…none of which have nutrition labels. That doesn’t include donuts, cakes, pies or other sugar/carb sotted junk foods, they are all eligible as long as they are not made to be consumed on the premises. And so it goes, at one time Congress had a desire to restrict the program to nutritional food but outside pressure led to sodas, pastries, chips…all that healthy stuff…being brought into the fold as ‘food’.
    Good luck getting any realm changes made.


  2. Really good post ❤️


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