Rush Limbaugh Interviews Devin Nunes about the ‘MEMO’

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4 Responses to Rush Limbaugh Interviews Devin Nunes about the ‘MEMO’

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    Tell Me…

    We didn’t all need a Man like Devin Nunes

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  2. Lucille says:

    Representative Devin Nunes exudes patriotism. His belief that justice is worth everything–the hatred, the opposition, the unreasonableness of media–shows his goodness as a human being and as a man.

    Thanks to Rush for allowing Nunes to get the word out without more than normal interruption. Actually Rush is pretty good at that.

    There’s no doubt whatsoever that his next campaign for office will be severely trying for him, for his family, for the patriots of California. The Left will be coming at him with everything they’ve got. I wouldn’t put it past groups of hateful lefties like the Fresno Alliance to settle illegal aliens in his district and try to steal the election. Hopefully there will be heavy election monitoring by the GOP to keep this from happening. See the map of his district:

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    • Lucille says:

      I was hoping this would enlarge if clicked on so you could see the city names…but you get the picture that his district is outside Fresno but I don’t think it contains anything inside Fresno city limits. While Fresno doesn’t have much more than 600,000 people, it is an influential area, being the county seat.

      I hope President Trump campaigns for Nunes. Of course that would mean an additional detail of Secret Service and plainclothes personnel accompanying our President as I’m sure his presence would bring out those who wish harm to him, his supporters, and certainly Rep. Nunes.


  3. MTeresa says:

    I intentionally stopped listening (regularly) to Rush a while before the 2016 election. That having been said, I did happen to catch his show today. Representative Nunes is courageous and my thoughts and prayers are with him. He is a true patriot.

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