Is “THE Memo” about to be released?

According to Byron York, the answer is “YES”.

The House Intelligence Committee meets at 5 p.m. Monday in the Capitol. The meeting will give the committee its first opportunity to vote on the question of releasing the so-called “FISA abuse” memo that has captured Washington’s attention in recent days. Since the GOP holds a 13 to 9 advantage on the committee, the overwhelming likelihood is that if there is a vote, the panel will decide, along party lines, to release the memo.

At that point, House rules call for the committee to await a decision by the president on whether he supports or opposes release of the memo. President Trump has made clear he supports release, so the memo could be made public quickly.

I wonder if it will immediately follow the State of the Union address on Tuesday?

Democrats are scrambling to mitigate the possible damage to their brand. Schiff the idiot has been telling anyone who will listen that the memo has cherry picked the underlying intelligence data. Word is that the Democrats on the committee are crafting their own memo.

I imagine that it won’t be long before the underlying data will be publicly available, and the public can (if they aren’t too lazy) evaluate it themselves.

Although the Justice Department has, up until now, opposed the release of the memo, now that President Trump has said he is in favor, Jeff Sessions appears to have softened his position on the issue.

Now, though, it appears that Attorney General Jeff Sessions — who remains recused from the Trump-Russia affair — is trying to send conciliatory signals to Congress on the oversight issue. In a speech in Norfolk, Va. on Friday, Sessions suggested the Justice Department has been too “defensive” in handling criticism.

“We don’t see criticism from Congress as a bad thing,” Sessions said. “We welcome Congress as a partner in this effort [to improve the Justice Department]. When they learn of a problem and start asking questions, that is a good thing. Sunlight truly is the best disinfectant. Truth produces confidence.”

“A culture of defensiveness is not acceptable,” Sessions concluded.

The next week will be very interesting. The vote to release the memo, the White House approval, release of the memo, followed by release of the data. Most interesting indeed.

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15 Responses to Is “THE Memo” about to be released?

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    This should be another exciting week.

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  2. Gil says:

    I found this last night:

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  3. stella says:


    • Gil says:

      Oh my. I saw Q postings that sotu is the beginning. Arrests et al throughout Feb. Mccabe better be wearing an ankle monitor. Itll be interesting to see who in the swamp starts quietly getting divorced and disappearing. Also who is replacing the swamp critters.

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  4. stella says:

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  5. stella says:

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  6. czarowniczy says:

    If things haven’t changed the principals are delaying as they prepare their defensive positions and escape routes. Note Hillary appearing on the Grammys, she’s resurfacing and I’m betting the Rats have started rounding up their key players for the battler to come.

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  7. stella says:

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