Ohio voters thrilled with Donald Trump – CNN not so much.

These voters in Youngstown switched parties to vote for Donald Trump – and they are glad that they did! I don’t know why CNN did this follow up – assuming that they had any inkling that this would be the result – but I’m glad that they did.

I guess that CNN (and other media, I’m sure) can’t understand that the average guy on the street might have a different outlook on the current situation than they do. When I hear the term “bubble” referring to the politicians and media on the coasts, well, this is a perfect example.

President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence talk with Christian Jacobs, 6, and his mother Brittany at the grave of his father in Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va., May 29, 2017. Christian visits with his mother, Brittany, every year for Memorial Day. (U.S. Army photo by Elizabeth Fraser/Arlington National Cemetery/released)

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3 Responses to Ohio voters thrilled with Donald Trump – CNN not so much.

  1. Menagerie says:

    This gives me hope. Not just for winning elections, but for winning America. Once so many beaten down sheeple get the gleam in their eye again, once they awake from the hopelessness and entrapment of the last decades, what might America become again?

    People always need a leader, but leaders must have committed citizens who themselves are the driving change.

    We have a leader again, and now I dare to wonder if the sleeping giant might stir.

    I also wonder, if we keep going, growing, building, doing, and our lives get so much better, if the tide might turn against unfettered liberalism as the desirable mantra of the young people. Maybe they will use their brains and realize they have been lied to and robbed. Seems like some of the young people are already waking up.

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