President Trump signs an executive order supporting Veterans

Scheduled for 1:45 pm. President Trump will sign an Executive Order on “Supporting our Veterans during their Transition from Uniformed Service to Civilian Life.”

NOTE: It appears that White House video of this event was either postponed or cancelled.

Here is a secondary video link. Let’s hope this one works!

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4 Responses to President Trump signs an executive order supporting Veterans

  1. Sharon says:

    OK, this is literal-me asking a couple of questions, not intending to be difficult. Literal Me just doesn’t understand.

    If the Veterans’ Administration is doing its job, is an Executive Order necessary, instructing them to help Veterans not kill themselves a lot?

    What is it that has changed in the post-military-service population that requires procedures and organizations and support etc etc etc that was not in place after the Spanish-American War, after the Civil War, after WW I, after WW II?

    It’s my opinion that the resilience of too many service members has been compromised by their expectations and personal resources; including family and community, but also including their own perspectives on what the military was going to do to them.

    When my sons went into the military, I told them in plain English that if they were not willing to kill and be killed, they had no business enlisting. I told my grandsons the same thing – and told the two that had service in Iraq and Kuwait that if they were ever in a situation where they could see, short range, that they were going to die, to please be sure, on behalf of Grandpa and myself, to take as many of them with as possible.

    It seems to me that much of this propping up, extra services, Wounded Warriors, etc. etc. is a reflection of our society in general; and it bothers me that having it now rolled into Executive Orders, etc. sort of grandfathers it into a permanent requirement, even if (however unlikely) our society should recover its dignity and good sense.

    My thoughts. And some opinions.


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