Roy Moore accuser admits she wrote part of yearbook inscription attributed to Alabama Senate candidate

Beverly Young Nelson now says part of the inscription near Roy Moore’s signature was not written by Moore. (AP)

Fox News

One of the women who accused Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of making advances on her when she was a teen and he a local prosecutor admitted Friday to writing part of the yearbook inscription she offered as proof, a new crack in her story that gives Moore an opening to attack her credibility.

Beverly Young Nelson told ABC News she added the date and place in the inscription in her high school yearbook that she and famed attorney Gloria Allred presented as proof the then-30-something Moore sought an inappropriate relationship with her in the late 1970s. Nelson still insisted that Moore wrote most of the message and signed the inscription, but said she made “notes” to it.

“Beverly, he did sign your yearbook?” ABC’s Tom Llamas asked her.

“He did sign it,” she said.

“And you made some notes underneath?” Llamas asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

Moore tweeted Friday, “Now she herself admits to lying.”

Moore has denied signing the yearbook and said he did not know Nelson at the time. Moore, who went on to become a judge and then the chief justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court, later ruled against Nelson in a 1999 divorce case.

The Moore campaign has questioned the authenticity of the inscription since the claim surfaced last month.

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20 Responses to Roy Moore accuser admits she wrote part of yearbook inscription attributed to Alabama Senate candidate

  1. stella says:

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    • Lburg says:

      What does Charles Johnson mean when he says “I think that Blackburn goes down next”? Since he’s trolling Miller, perhaps he is looking for the next ‘victim’ of salacious innuendo stories?

      The uniparty is “armed and dangerous”.


  2. stella says:

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  3. Ann says:

    Moore needs to sue this woman. Moore is a man of integrity. Go sir.

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  4. kinthenorthwest says:

    That lady better start coughing up some truths or she going to be sued.

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  5. kinthenorthwest says:

    Breaks down Beverly attempt at 15 Mins of fame.

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    • Lucille says:

      A history of lying is what all this indicates.

      And I read that she also lied about having a phone in her room that she says Moore used to call. Her mother apparently said that she didn’t have a phone in her room during the timespan she sets out.

      BTW, she must be getting an infusion of cash from somewhere to “hire” Allred, plus since she’s always perfectly coifed, nails done bigly and redly, makeup piled on, and dressed in style…all this is bucks galore. Bejeweled well, too, but those items could have been in her jewelry box for years.

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  6. hocuspocus13 says:

    The ConScience

    We can’t see it
    We can’t touch it
    Even though we do feel it

    We’re not sure where in the body it is located some believe it is in the brain

    It makes us restless
    It makes up loose sleep
    It makes us nervous

    …and in the end

    Our ConScience

    It makes us face and speak the truth

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