Al Franken makes announcement on Senate floor

Franken’s speech starts at about 21:00.

What do I think? He’s a political sacrifice in a state where Democrats won’t lose anything. Political theater.

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9 Responses to Al Franken makes announcement on Senate floor

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Hm. I wonder if he turned in his resignation paperwork.


  2. lovely says:

    I was going to listen but then I decided I’d rather stick an ice pick in my ear. Go to bed Al Franken.

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      • lovely says:

        Therefore, the military mind teaches you not to just consider what is evident, but ponder the underlying objective and intentions.

        Since President Trumps candidacy he is the only one who has been pondering t=his opponents underlying objectives and intentions. He showed it again and again during his candidacy, and is showing it again and again within his presidency.

        Everything the left does is done with a strategic perspective.

        Here is where I diverge from West. The Left does do everything with a strategic perspective but that perspective has been failing the Left because Trump skewed their perspective. The Left is drowning under the own same old, same old strategy and yet they are doubling down on that strategy that is so spectacularly failing them.

        We can expect the normal liberal progressive left unified talking point, to include the complicit leftist media, to be all about GOP hypocrisy seating an accused child molester.

        Again this is true but it is a script that is failing them, President Trump got elected saying “anchor babies, America first, we don’t want the rapists and murders from Mexico in the United States, Rosie O’Donnell is a fat slob, I’m going to bomb the hell out of ISIS, called people all kinds of names, Global Warming is a hoax, and on and on, and P*ssygate was released.

        For each and every one of these things Trump was raked across the coals by the DNC, RNC, MSM and the various pious “Never Trump Conservatives” and yet Trump endured and kicked all of their butts.

        President Trump stood up to the Left and their holier than thou shame tactics and won. There is a whole new game in town for any man of honor who chooses to stand up to the Spawns of DC.

        But, Moore could borrow the language of Franken and admit he doesn’t want to be a distraction, believing that with all the critical issues facing the nation he would not be able to focus on the work of the people of Alabama. Roy Moore could then endorse someone else to take the Alabama Senate seat. As stated, that is unlikely to happen, because pride, arrogance and ego all have an influence.

        because pride, arrogance and ego all have an influence.

        This is where I completely disagree with West. It is not prideful, arrogant or ego driven to stand up for what is true.

        I do agree with West’s larger point that the Left is solely motivated by the desire to see Roy Moore and President Trump dance the same dance as Al Franken is high stepping to, but President Trump and Roy Moore are under no obligation to accept charges and consequences of allegations that they know are simply a smear based campaign orchestrated by the DC elites in a savage bid to regain their swamp power.

        A lesser man would fold, I expect Moore will be seated as even the most vile Paul Ryan who still says he thinks that Moore should drop out of the race does not want to be on the record as thwarting the will of the people of Alabama come 2018. Who knows Moore better than his fellow Alabamians ? Who wants President Trump out there in 2018 saying “Don’t vote for Paul Ryan he does not think you are smart enough to pick your own representatives. Why do we even have elections, why not let Paul Ryan just assign Senators and Representatives? Would you like that Paul? Yeah, huh, come on Droopy Paul, no wonder your wife tells you to sleep a cot in your office.”

        The larger picture here in my opinion is that the republicans are hell bent on losing the majority in both the house and the senate and that is what we are seeing. The republicans want to say “Gee I really did want to build the wall but by golly, the democrats got us in the mid-term election.”

        This is really all about the republicans trying to not have to deliver on decades of promises. President Trump is the last person most of them wanted to see in office. I wish someone would shove Flake’s check down his throat.

        These are desperate people.

        All JMO.


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        • Menagerie says:

          I agree with everything you wrote, but especially your last two paragraphs. They are in the hot seat, and believe they can sit on the sidelines a term or two until it is business as usual again.

          The Republican Party needs to be utterly destroyed. To hell with the rebuild from the ground up stuff. You don’t climb in bed with a traitor and expect tomorrow to be a good day.

          I can name dozens, if not hundreds, of accomplishments the President has to show for his first year. What has Congress helped him with?

          Contrast that with what they did for Obama. Burnt the midnight oil to screw us over and over. We finally have a President with guts, brains, plans, and a willingness to tackle every dirty job and he’s all alone.

          I say to hell with every single last one of them.

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