Music of the day … Thankful

Written by Carole Bayer Sager with melody by David Foster. Performed by Josh Groban.

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5 Responses to Music of the day … Thankful

  1. What a voice, and amen. Thanks, Stella.

    Love to hear what Bobby McFerrin could do with this song.

    Bobby Sr. would nail it, since he was a rare black opera singer.

    When I listen to it, I wonder what I could do with it, too.


    • Bobby’s (his son, of course) latest album goes back to his daddy’s roots, bigly.

      Bobby McFerrin got back to Jesus, after a stint with pop culture, and is now perhaps the most respected male vocalist alive. Certainly has honorary degrees from nearly every school of music in the world.

      He does a couple of his pop’s songs from above in this, his latest from Spirityouall (2013 — come on, Bobby, it’s been four years already!) He’s overdue for a new one, and I cannot imagine where he goes next, musically. Better every iteration. And his son is also similarly musically inclined. They are our generation’s Bach dynasty.


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