President Trump: Schedule November 13-14

President Trump’s Schedule, November 13 & 14

(Times EST)

11:15 p.m.:  12th East Asia Summit Head of State and Government Luncheon in Manila.

12:35 a.m.:    (Tue) 12th East Asia Summit family photo.

12:45 a.m.:    12th East Asia Summit plenary session.

2:20 a.m.:      President Trump will depart Manila en route to Hickam, Hawaii.

12:15 p.m.:     Arrival in Hawaii.

1:45 p.m.:       President Trump will depart Hawaii en route to Washington, D.C.

10:45 p.m.:    President Trump will arrive back at the White House.

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1 Response to President Trump: Schedule November 13-14

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Frigging idiots on the news were going on and on tonite about how Trump ‘grimaced’ from the awkward handshake and had appropriately-sized stand-ins duplicate it complete with grimace and BS explanations. No words on the strategic importance of the trip, nothing on how Trump is 6-foot-2 and the leaders on either side are lawn jockey size so he really has to reach.


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