President Trump Attends APEC 2017 Gala Dinner, November 10, 2017


It’s a tradition steeped in questionable fashion choices.

At Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summits year after year, it’s become a tradition of sorts for world leaders to don matching jackets for a “family photo” worthy of competing with one’s most embarrassing childhood photos.

Leading up to the summit there was a question of whether President Donald Trump, who is rarely seen in public without his signature suit and tie, would partake in the tradition.

But he put that speculation to rest on Friday as he walked into the APEC gala wearing a dark blue silk button-down shirt. He shook Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hand before posing with 20 fellow world leaders for a “family photo”.

World leaders have Bill Clinton to thank for starting the annual tradition back in 1993, when he hosted the summit in Seattle and gifted world leaders in attendance with matching bomber jackets.

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6 Responses to President Trump Attends APEC 2017 Gala Dinner, November 10, 2017

  1. TwoLaine says:

    Pajamas come to mind. The press has long wanted to see him in his pj’s tweeting. Maybe they finally got the chance. 😉


  2. Lburg says:

    He rocks that shirt!

    In other news, one of my burning questions has now been answered ~ wonder what the President looks like in pajamas?

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    Figures, Clinton started it.


  4. joshua says:

    silky kevlar….


  5. There’s a lot going on here.

    “In the next thread, he said that you could count the people who have the full picture on two hands, and of those people, and only three are non-military, and ended his post with Alice in Wonderland again”

    Trump is the best thing to happen to America since Geo. Washington. He’s Joshua, fit the battle of Jericho. And the walls came tumbling down. World-wide, folks.

    I’d save this image to your drive.

    And then I’d try and figure out how to do this with WP threads. History will be written by the victors, but only if the victors have records.

    Crazy stuff’s goin’ down, folks. You don’t have to be crazy to read it all slowly, in light of the recent events, worldwide, and internet-wide too. When it all goes down, and far after, the people on /pol/ and on /v/pizzagate right now will be able to explain it all to their grandkids, in detail.

    Keeping an eye on this.

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    • lovely says:

      Good to see you Wooly, too tired to read what is in small print. Trump is a revolutionary. It is an amazing time to be alive.

      As I’ve been saying all along and today Thomas Wictor said it, President Trump has laid this trap for a very long time and he knows more about a lot of people than they remember about themselves. It is a global initiative that President Trump is undertaking and he is putting Ameirca first.

      Sweet dreams!


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