President Trump Welcomes Trick-or-Treaters to the Oval Office 10/27/17

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7 Responses to President Trump Welcomes Trick-or-Treaters to the Oval Office 10/27/17

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    That was really cute. Wonder how the MSM will twist it into something negative?

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    • lovely says:

      Was it the little Japanese girl crying ? Her idiot parents probably told her not to get to close to President Trump because he might deport her. Most of those kids looked really frightened in the beginning but President Trump had them all smiling by the end.

      I wonder what muck their poor little brains have been filled with.

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  2. joshua says:

    that is truly American Presidential…..

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  3. CarolynH says:

    With all his grandchildren he knows how to talk to kids.

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  4. Trump is a beautiful man. I don’t watch video often, but when I do, I see how genuinely human he is. He is Joe Cool. You can tell he’s a dad.

    “I can’t believe the media produced such beautiful children!” LOL!

    Nice dig, but then he tells all these kids how wonderful, and meaningful their parents are.

    “How’s the media treat YOU?”, he gets all the kids laughing by the end.

    Trump is a watershed for the American Presidency. Hillary would also have been a watershed. A watershed is like the peak of a roof, in the rain. All of a sudden, the water goes down the other side of the roof, when we have an honest, real American in office. That side of the roof hasn’t seen water in a long, long time. Decades, even. The man is good.

    I wonder how many of the parents in that room, who are the Press Corps, would trust their kids with Harvey Weinstein or Joe “Paws” Biden?

    Many of the press are probably already bleating and screaming on Twitter about his “Japanese” quip being racist. Because, of course they’re going to politicize children.

    There is one man in this video. Only one.

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  5. The more you think before posting, (which is a good rule), the more likely your post will go directly to spam. WordPress rule #1.


  6. This should be Trump’s inaugural song in 2020:



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