Senate Judiciary opens probe into Obama-era Russian nuclear bribery case


The Senate Judiciary Committee has launched a probe into a Russian nuclear bribery case, demanding several federal agencies disclose whether they knew the FBI had uncovered the corruption before the Obama administration in 2010 approved a controversial uranium deal with Moscow.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the committee chairman, gets his first chance to raise the issue in public on Wednesday when he questions Attorney General Jeff Sessions during an oversight hearing.

Aides said the committee had sent requests for information to 10 federal agencies involved in the Russian uranium approvals.

The committee is discussing other bipartisan requests to make in the coming days, and Grassley also is expected to seek access to potential witnesses soon, escalating from the information requests he made a few years back, according to people familiar with the investigation.

The senator also specifically conveyed in the latest letters he no longer accepts the Obama administration’s assurances from 2015 that there was no basis to block the Uranium One deal.

“I am not convinced by these assurances,” Grassley wrote the Homeland Security Department last week. “The sale of Uranium One resulted in a Russian government takeover of a significant portion of U.S. uranium mining capacity. In light of that fact, very serious questions remain about the basis for the finding that this transaction did not threaten to impair U.S. national security.”

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6 Responses to Senate Judiciary opens probe into Obama-era Russian nuclear bribery case

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Considering the deals that occurred with Chins that moved its military forward by leaps and bounds during the Billary adminitration the sale of 20% of one of our nation’s most vital resources is no surprise. I mean, even if you consider the hypocrisy of Rats selling to Russia elements they consider too dangerous to use here…
    The Chinese Communist Party is holding it every-5-year meeting where a raft of various leaders get together to receive their marching orders from The Boss. Xi is positioning himself as a latter day Mao, consolidating power around himself and eliminating any competition by other parties while using non-Communist economics to push the country’s economy further and further towards world leadership. One wonders how much Chinese money went to the Foundation and if Hillary didn’t see herself as an Arkansas incarnation of Xi?

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Of course the major difference between Russia/China and the US is that both China and Russia have steadfastly maintained their historical national identities and cultures. we’d call that nationalist and racist but when we do it’ll be from the lip of the grave.
      Note both nations in their Communist phases called for one-world inclusiveness, open borders and combined economies. Note that neither country practiced that even while they were Communist powers and are even less inclined to do so now. any arguements against the reason they kept their countries whole during major adversities and prospered on those troubles’ backside is that they maintained a historical identity and cultural ethos?

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  2. lovely says:

    I missed most of Jeff Sessions’ testimony but I caught the very beginning, probably only 5 minutes of it, and it made my day.

    It is not just the Senate Judiciary Committee that is investigating the Clinton Foundation connections to the Russian Uranium deal, the only logical parsing of Sessions’ words is that the DOJ is investigating the very same thing.

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