Dismantling Obama’s Climate Legacy

Fox News

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced Monday that the Trump administration is moving to scrap the Clean Power Plan, the Obama administration’s signature regulatory program to curb emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Pruitt made the announcement at an event in Hazard, Ky., casting the previous policy as unfair.

“That rule really was about picking winners and losers,” Pruitt said. “The past administration was unapologetic, they were using every bit of power, authority to use the EPA to pick winners and losers on how we pick electricity in this country. That is wrong.”

He said that on Tuesday, he will sign a proposed rule to formally withdraw from the plan.

“It is right for this administration to say the war is over,” Pruitt said.

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7 Responses to Dismantling Obama’s Climate Legacy

  1. mdaush says:

    Make energy cheaper for the American people. Make US energy an export to build our trade…..sounds like a plan to me!

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  2. Lucille says:

    The EPA has overstepped, overreached for years. High time they were taken down a peg and glad to see it’s being done.

    We’re all for protecting the environment and most of us do our part EVERY day to keep things clean, to not pollute, or destroy. We don’t want factories spewing contaminants into the air. We want businesses to be responsible, of course, and figure out ways to stay in business while thinking of whatever harm they may do. We don’t want the totally unnecessary focus to be on “climate change” or putting companies out of business or having regulations which harm our livelihoods. We don’t want individual farmers told they have to adhere to regs on their cow pasture ponds, for pity sakes.

    No one is going to be rolling back ALL regulations which keep us safe, our nation clean, or our health intact. We are going to roll back those regs which the Left loves because they love the environment more than they do people.

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    Glad this is finally happening.


  4. nickreality65 says:

    And what was the EPA Clean Power Plan supposed to accomplish? A 32% reduction in CO2 output from US power generation (not just coal). The US is responsible for about 16% of the world’s CO2 output. Power generation represents about 31% of US CO2 production. Therefore – 16% * 31% * 32% = 1.6%. CPP will reduce the global CO2 output by 1.6%.

    China and India will cancel that out with their next dozen coal fired power plants.

    Screw up the entire power industry, increase the price of electricity and not remotely solve the imaginary climate change problem. Nothing but political posturing! Wasting resources on a pointless exercise is truly harmful to the environment.

    BTW since the utilities have been retiring older inefficient coal fired generators with more efficient combined cycle designs power generation’s share of CO2 is now less than that of the transportation sector.

    As Carl Sagan observed, we have been bamboozled, hustled, conned by those wishing to steal and waste our money and rob us of our liberties. Hardly a new agenda.


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