BREAKING: Killer’s Girlfriend Marilou Danley Will Land in Los Angeles Tonight

UPDATE: Fox News reporting that she has arrived in the United States and was met at the airport by Federal agents.

Gateway Pundit

FOX News reporter Adam Housley told Sean Hannity on Tuesday night the girlfriend Marilou Danley is returning to America and will land in Los Angeles late tonight.


Presumably she will travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas very soon.

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12 Responses to BREAKING: Killer’s Girlfriend Marilou Danley Will Land in Los Angeles Tonight

  1. There is so much more going on here than we are being told.


  2. Near the top of the building by the corner? Near the center of the building? A third of the way up the building? Halfway up the building? From Gate 7 at the concert grounds?

    Listen closely to the audio. Watch the muzzle flashes from a third of the way up the building, nowhere near where this guy broke out windows.


    • stella says:

      What nobody has explained is how they could shoot through solid thick plate glass. There are no openings and the windows weigh a ton. Some have suggested that they removed the windows, then replaced them. These windows are installed with a crane.


    • stella says:

      Don’t forget that more than half of what you are told in the panic and fright of an incident (like 9/11) is incorrect. People interpret what they think they are seeing and hearing.

      Remember the guy in NYC who said on video that it was a bomb that exploded in the first tower? He had not seen the plane, so made an assumption. We have video of both planes, and parts of both planes have been recovered at the 9/11 site, along with personal possessions of passengers.

      What do I think? The lights being interpreted as muzzle flashes are reflections of some kind. As for the source of the sound – echos. They say clearly that they don’t know where the fire is coming from. Is is the Mandalay Bay? Is it the Luxor?

      The sheriff says that they finally figured it was between the 29th and 32nd floors of the Mandalay.


      • michellc says:

        I saw a video on FB that was recorded during the singing of God Bless America that showed that same flash on the 4th floor.

        The sheriff did say something interesting this evening, when they went inside they had to breach another door. Why was that door locked? Not really so much a conspiracy theory as it is wondering why it was locked?

        Some other things I found interesting was that the Sheriff said he planned on escaping. Also his secret life and that at some point he had help because it was too well planned with all the electronic devices, guns, ammo, Ammonium nitrate and Tannerite.

        I’m having a hard time with the girlfriend’s story. Why would a millionaire who gambles thousands a day and renting an expensive hotel room care about a “cheap” airline ticket? He sends you $100,000 and you think he’s breaking up with you? You never thought anything about a guy who didn’t own a lot of guns suddenly starts collecting AR type guns to the tune of 20+?

        I’ve never made it a secret we own guns and own quite a few, but we’ve never bought 33 guns during a year and would never buy several of the same type. If my husband or one of my sons started buying up that many guns I’d be asking what the heck they were doing.

        Heck, I’d be scared if I had that many checks under my name it would be throwing up red flags and ATF would be knocking on my door.

        Now it’s being reported he was shooting at aviation fuel tanks.

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      • michellc says:

        I used my same argument with someone on FB and was accused of wanting limits on how many firearms you can buy. I swear sometimes people drive me insane. I don’t want limits on how many firearms you can have, you can look at our safes to know that, but I would think any rational thinking person would pause about having that many background checks ran under their name. Not because you’re going to go out and commit mass murder but out of fear it will make them start watching you.

        I also understand some gun collectors might buy several guns in a day, but that is usually at an auction, not over a years time buying through a licensed gun dealer who is running background checks. Also this has proven what I’ve always said whether they claim records are destroyed or not, they are not, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to find out how many guns he bought and where he bought them at.


  3. Col(R)Ken says:

    Stella, your right. its the first contact made when your attacking or defending on military command nets, sitreps, calls for fire. I’m just not convinced this investigation is moving along in the right direction. Unless there are too many moving parts.


    • stella says:

      I don’t know whether or not the investigation is going in the right direction, although I will say that at the present time we don’t know enough to make that kind of determination. I am very interested in what they are able to learn from the girlfriend.

      What I believe is that it doesn’t help to publicize every crack pot theory based on who knows what, especially some of these YouTube videos. I’ve already seen them, and decided myself not to air them.

      People who know me know that I have no respect for conspiracy theorists. If there is evidence of police malfeasance, or repressed information we will either learn about it or not. Most conspiracy theories, when examined in depth, are crap and I will not help them get publicized.

      That doesn’t mean we can’t discuss the situation in an adult fashion, but I would prefer that the YouTube conspiracy theorists not be given a voice on my website.


      • michellc says:

        I read through some of the conspiracy theories in the comments at CTH. Not to be rude or disrespectful but some of them sound like loons. The craziest being that it didn’t happen at all, just actors. Cops staged his body or it’s not really him is another I find just a little a nutty. I’m sorry I don’t find stuff like that helpful.

        I get that there is a lot that doesn’t make sense, but if you listen to the updates given by LE, you can clearly see they feel the same way. While I don’t trust the FBI or ATF, it’s not just the FBI and ATF involved and I’m not one that can be convinced you can get two local LE agencies who employ many LE officers to go along with some great big conspiracy/coverup.


    • stella says:

      Is it true? Has anyone else reported this. Supposedly they were escorted out; can security confirm this encounter. How did this girl know that the man was the woman’s “boyfriend”?

      If it is true, and it was reported to police, I’m sure it is being investigated.


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