Transcript of Roger Stone’s Opening Statement before Congress

I don’t usually post videos from InfoWars, but since Congress has apparently refused to make this testimony public, there is no other choice. The transcript follows.

Transcript of Roger Stone’s opening statement before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

The first section of that transcript follows here:

Good morning Mr. Chairman, Mr. Ranking Member, committee members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and staff. My name is Roger J.
Stone, Jr., and with me today are my counsel, Grant Smith and Robert Buschel.

I am most interested in correcting a number of falsehoods, misstatements, and misimpressions regarding allegations of collusion between Donald Trump, Trump
associates, The Trump Campaign and the Russian state. I view this as a political proceeding because a number of members of this Committee have made irresponsible,
indisputably, and provably false statements in order to create the impression of collusion with the Russian state without any evidence that would hold up in a US court of law or the court of public opinion.

I am no stranger to the slash and burn aspect of American politics today. I recognize that because of my long reputation and experience as a partisan warrior, I am a
suitable scapegoat for those who would seek to persuade the public that there were wicked, international transgressions in the 2016 presidential election. I have a
long history in this business: I strategize, I proselytize, I consult, I electioneer, I write, I advocate, and I prognosticate. I’m a New York Times bestselling author, I have a syndicated radio show and a weekly column, and I report for at 5 o’clock eastern every day.

While some may label me a dirty trickster, the members of this Committee could not point to any tactic that is outside the accepted norms of what political strategists and
consultants do today. I do not engage in any illegal activities on behalf of my clients or the causes in which I support. There is one “trick” that is not in my bag and that is treason.

As someone whose political activism was born from the anti-communism of Senator Barry Goldwater and President Ronald Reagan; and whose freedom seeking family
members were mowed-down by Russian tanks on the streets of Budapest in 1956, I deeply resent any allegation that I would collude with the oppressive Russian state to
affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

My colleague, Michael Caputo, voluntarily sat in this seat a couple of months ago, gave what I believe were candid and truthful answers to those who cared to sit in on
the interview; and yet, when he was done, he was accused of perjury by a member who did not even have the pretension to show up for his interview. He was eviscerated by some Committee members and consequently, the press. The most unfair aspect of this turn of events, and behavior by some Committee members, is that this Committee refuses, to this day, to release the transcripts of his testimony for the world to read and judge for themselves.

Multiple members of this Committee have made false allegations against me in public session in order to ensure that these bogus charges received maximum media
coverage. Now however, you deny me the opportunity to respond to these charges in the same open forum. This is cowardice. Fortunately, we will have the opportunity today to take the exact words of some members of this Committee and examine them in order to uncover the lies.

Members of this Committee as well as some members of the Senate Intelligence Committee aren’t alone in their irresponsibility. On January 20, 2017, the New York Times reported that the intelligence services were in possession of emails, records of financial transactions and transcripts of telephone intercepts, which proved that Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Carter Page colluded with the Russians for the benefit of Donald Trump. So, where are these records? Can this Committee or our intelligence agencies produce them? I didn’t think so.

Nor, is this irresponsibility entirely partisan. Sen. John McCain told CNN that I “…should be compelled to appear before the Senate to explain my ties to Yanukovych and the Russians.” This is very simple, Senator the answer is: “None” and “None.” In fact, I worked against Yanukovych’s party in the 2006 parliamentary elections in Ukraine, and have no ties to any Russians.

Given this Committee’s consistent refusal to allow me to testify in a public session, in the interest of compromise, I have repeatedly requested that the transcript of my
testimony here today, be released immediately upon conclusion of today’s session. Even this constructive suggestion has been rejected. What is it you fear? Why do
you oppose transparency? What is it you don’t want the public to know?

I can assure each of you, I will not let myself be a punching bag for people with ill intentions or political motives. Understand, I will expose the truth in every forum
and on every platform available to me.

As a 40-year friend and advisor of Donald Trump, I had continually urged him to run for the presidency, beginning in 1988. When he decided in 2015 to become a serious
candidate against a weak slate of opponents, I became one of the Trump campaign’s first consultants, reprising a role I played in 2012 when Donald Trump briefly considered a candidacy in that election. I performed consulting work for the campaign for five months and the consulting relationship ended in August 2015. I, however, didn’t go quietly into the night, I continued to work, write, and advocate on behalf of his candidacy because to this day, I believe he has the potential to be a truly transformative president and to make our nation great again.

These hearings are largely based on a yet unproven allegation that the Russian state is responsible for the hacking of the DNC and John Podesta and the transfer of that information to WikiLeaks. No member of this Committee or intelligence agency can prove this assertion. Because the DNC steadfastly refused to allow the FBI to
examine their computer servers, this entire claim is based on a self-serving report by CloudStrike, a forensic IT company retained by, directed, and paid for by the DNC.

The Nation magazine recently reported on a study issued by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), which is comprised of numerous former high-level
US intelligence officials. Based upon the VIPS study, The Nation concluded that, “There was no hack of the Democratic National Committee’s system on July 5, 2016…
not by the Russians and not by anyone else. Hard science now demonstrates it was a leak- a download executed locally with a memory key or a similarly portable data storage device. In short, they reported it was an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system. This casts serious doubt on the alleged initial “hack,” that led to the very consequential publication of a large store of documents on WikiLeaks last summer.” Additionally, these unproven allegations have led to a frivolous lawsuit filed by former Obama administration lawyers against me and the Trump campaign. In my motion to dismiss, I submitted a sworn declaration of Dr. Virgil Griffith, a cognitive computer graduate from the California Institute of Technology, who questioned the unproven assumptions that Russian hackers are responsible for theft of DNC emails and other data.

Refer to the Scribd document (linked above) to read the remainder of his opening statement.



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2 Responses to Transcript of Roger Stone’s Opening Statement before Congress

  1. lovely says:

    Roger Stone’s opening statement calls Team Mueller;

    , (although they are not all partisan because “John McCain 😂) Yep, Stone put that into the court record!
    guilty of false assertions,
    were practicing neo-McCarthyism,
    on a witch-hunt,
    perpetuating falsehoods,
    opposed to transparency,
    people with ill intentions,& political motives
    leakers in violation of law,
    full of conjecture, supposition, projection & allegations, not proven by evidence or fact.

    Also of note he stated;

    ”Our intelligence agencies have been politicized.

    There was no hack of DNC computers it was a leak.

    Stone stated Clinton has far more ties to Russia than anyone in the Trump peripheral.

    Quote ”Podesta and his presidential candidate were in bed with the clique around Putin.

    For the public record Stone stated that the committee’s time would be better spent investigating Hillary Clinton’s ties to Ukraine particularly in the light of recent public reports that Ukraine is now providing sophisticated missile technology to north Korea.

    He also said if Hillary were present he would demand an apology from her because of the lies she put in her fictitious book.

    That there is a historical document.

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