President Trump supercharges the U.S. government’s support for science

See video, below.

Paraphrased from RECODE

President Donald Trump issued a new directive Monday to supercharge the U.S. government’s support for science, tech, engineering and mathematics, including coding education, as the White House seeks to train workers for high-demand computer-science jobs of the future.

To start, Trump signed a presidential memorandum at the White House — a policy, first reported by Recode, that tasks the Department of Education to devote at least $200 million of its grant funds each year to so-called STEM fields.

Today (September 26), Trump’s daughter and adviser, Ivanka, is headed to Detroit, where she will join business leaders for an event unveiling a series of private-sector commitments — from Amazon, Facebook, Google, GM, Quicken Loans, Salesforce and others — meant to boost U.S. coding and computer-science classes and programs, multiple sources confirmed to Recode on Monday.

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1 Response to President Trump supercharges the U.S. government’s support for science

  1. nyetneetot says:

    I’m sorry, but in my opinion this is giving more money to the people that created the current situation. The “private-sector commitments” from the companies listed is more about keeping the current market going for as long as possible. Everything “high tech” taught in schools for almost 20 years has been geared to future sales of existing product lines.
    Another issue is the programming classes here in the US are similar to what is being taught overseas, where wages are lower. Even if every US CompSci student got above 3.8 GPA, they’ll never be able to compete with the business decision to hire at lower wages.
    And another thing, all the efforts by technology companies since the late 80’s to capture market share actually stunted technological advancements.
    Bah humbug!


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