Press Briefing with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Secretary of State Tillerson briefed the press yesterday evening regarding U.S. foreign policy and events at the United Nations this week, most particularly the Iran nuclear agreement.

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One Response to Press Briefing with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

  1. lovely says:

    IMO the four significant statement made by SOS Rex Tillerson would be 1) Although Iran has not technically defaulted on the Obama deal it has defaulted on the expectations of the deal. In other words your child is grounded from driving the family car for two weeks because of bad behavior, you see your child driving his friend’s car. Your child technically did not default on his punishment but did not follow the spirit of the punishment and there will be and should be repercussions. 2) The sunset clause renders the Iranian deal garbage. 3) Iran will not be allowed to pursue nuclear weapons 4) North Korea must be denuclearized.


    And the Grand Poobah statement and poke in the eye to Obama the traitor;

    This president takes his responsibility very seriously.

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