More than 100 killed as powerful 7.1 earthquake hits central Mexico


A powerful 7.1 earthquake shook central Mexico on Tuesday, collapsing homes and bridges across hundreds of miles, killing at least 105 people and sending thousands more fleeing into the streets screaming.

In Mexico City alone, at least 30 people died and 44 buildings were reduced to rubble, the Associated Press reported. Eight other people were reported killed in the surrounding state of Mexico, 13 in the state of Puebla and 54 across the state of Morelos.

The temblor caused buildings to sway violently in the capital, including in the historic districts of El Centro and Roma, crumbling balconies and causing huge cracks to appear on the facades. .

Panic spread through the city’s central core, where dozens of buildings collapsed. Rescue vehicles screamed toward damaged buildings, and neighbors took on heroic roles as rescuers.

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5 Responses to More than 100 killed as powerful 7.1 earthquake hits central Mexico

  1. Are they fracking down there, too? It must be that, right? Because all natural disasters are now the cause of Capitalist Men.

    I remember reading about an increase in “earthquakes in various places” in some book somewhere.

    Menagerie, thank you for your Fatima links. Very informative.

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  2. joshua says:

    They need a wall.


  3. joshua says:

    but…..all the Mexican “workers” are in the USA, illegally, doing construction jobs and too busy to go back and HELP their own citizens…….so you want to notice the difference in American Culture, look at Florida and Houston help from all over the country…..and the illegals are complaining that they don’t have anyplace to live with the devastation…but they expect someone to fix THAT.

    THAT is why we do NOT want these illegals as CITIZENS…..they fail the VALUE CULTURE test.


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