Tweet of the day …

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4 Responses to Tweet of the day …

  1. Sharon says:

    Oh, dear.

    Gotta give the man points, always, for boldness.

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    • stella says:

      That’s not the President. One of the pretenders.


      • Sharon says:

        Oh. I see that now….gotta slow down. Working in the yard all week before the rain starts next week – real rain finally. Today translplanting strawberry plants that want to join the Navy and see the world. Yesterday had the sparkling experience of cutting through the cord on the edger – with the edger – while standing on the 8′ ladder. Standing in the correct place, of course, and the edger is a new one, well insulated at all points, so no damage except to my pride.

        There is a learning curve to taking care of a big yard. I’m not anywhere near the top.

        Was going to try to fix the cord – saw Grant do it a hundred times. But when I checked into details I realized that there was too much detail and importance to HOW it was done and would not be safe for me to take on, even if I wanted to act courageous and stuff. Gotta know where that line is. Usually I do.

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