President Trump and Vice President Pence Head to Florida on Thursday, September 14, 2017

President Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Karen Pence will be traveling to Florida on Thursday after Hurricane Irma traveled through the state this past weekend.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed the president’s trip at Tuesday’s press briefing. She added that FEMA Administrator Brock Long was visiting affected areas today.

The White House did not specify which area of the state the President would tour during his stop, but rumor has it that they would travel to the Fort Myers area, on Florida’s gulf coast.

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4 Responses to President Trump and Vice President Pence Head to Florida on Thursday, September 14, 2017

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m grateful for the evidence of empathy and responsiveness for sure.

    Completely personal here: People, I believe I would literally die of suffocation if something in life forced me to move into the southern part of our country. It just makes me cringe to think about the conditions the evacuees are facing on their return – high temps, high humidity, no AC, somewhat “locked in place” and unable to be very mobile.

    We lived in SoCal for 28 years and I barely survived that! On the occasional winter night when some front or other coming through would entice me, I would stay up all hours watching the weather channel, just HOPING it would get down to 30 degrees (above zero) F.\

    Mentally, I cannot deal with it.

    So many thousands of these returning have no choice. I have more than empathy for them. My eldest granddaughter has been living in Birmingham, AL for going on 18 months now. I suppose 30 below would make some of your cringe, but I know for a fact that you always put more clothes on and it will help!!!

    Truly my heart goes out to them, and I will be glad on their behalf when the power is back on. I suppose there are poor people in Florida who live without AC because they can’t afford it? I truly don’t know, but I imagine there are. They know how to feed and channel and feel a breeze.


    • stella says:

      You are right about being able to put on more clothes. I hate the extreme heat. The only thing – what if the roof was missing in -30 degree temps, and it was snowing?


      • Sharon says:

        You are at a neighbor’s house then. And it’s weird, but -30 is too cold to snow. We could have a blizzard (using snow already on the ground) but at -30, there’s no fresh snowfall.

        These have much to endure in the days ahead.


  2. Gil says:

    Any one we all know going to try to see POTUS, FLOTUS, etal today? Everyone is busy with recovery but I wonder if treepers and Stella’s friends will be able to ?


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