Houston Flooding – KPRC News 2 Houston Live Local News – Hurricane Harvey

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4 Responses to Houston Flooding – KPRC News 2 Houston Live Local News – Hurricane Harvey

  1. Sharon says:

    In light of the Juan Browne video yesterday just came across this – which is likely overlap with Stella’s post above –



    • Sharon says:

      One of the questions I had from the link I provided is this: the article speaks of flooding via the spillway which, as I understand Juan Browne’s presentations, would be the concrete portion, distinct from the “earthen dam”. However, the urgency and general information being provided suggests that, as he warned in his video, the earthen dam itself has been over-topped and they now expect the dam itself to fail.

      Will all clarify as the thing unfolds – really devastating to understand the fragile nature of so much of our national infrastructure.

      One of the things uncovered by his reporting and analysis of the Oroville Dam mess was that the inspections over the years, including recent inspections,(which the dam always pass with flying colors) were based on the standards in place when the dam was first constructed. Those standards are no longer considered adequate and have not been considered adequate for decades. No dam would be allowed to be built to those standards now. And yet, the assurances that “Oroville Dam is in good condition” (in the eyes of both state and fed) were issued based on no-longer-accepted standards.

      Good grief. Probably the same is true of these reservoirs in Texas – –

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  2. Lucille says:

    A look inside a flooded home in Houston
    Fox News

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