Live Fire Exercise This Weekend Near White House!


Secret Service tests gunshot detection system in Washington

The U.S. Secret Service is warning residents of the nation’s capital that they may hear bursts of live gunfire Saturday and early Sunday morning as the agency tests a detection system.

The Secret Service says the gunfire is part of calibration for a system that indicates the source and direction of gunshots. A statement from the Secret Service says the system “provides real time detection and geolocation of gunshots fired within proximity of protected sites.”

As part of the test, multiple rounds will be fired from various weapons in three-shot increments. Several streets in Washington will also be closed, around the White House and the Naval Observatory, the home of the vice president.

It appears that the system will be similar to technology in use by the DC police.

It was not clear exactly where the shooting will occur. However, the agency said all streets bounding the Ellipse will be shut down during the test. These are E Street and Constitution Avenue to the north and south, and 15th and 17th Streets to the east and west. Part of Observatory Circle, near the Vice President’s residence will also close.

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7 Responses to Live Fire Exercise This Weekend Near White House!

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Not new, the system’s been around for years but it is handy. You need calibration as the shots reverberate off of everything and are attenuated by the surface texture, degree of hardness/softness, angle to the receiving microphone, moving objects…lotta stuff.
    Usually the hole in the target gives you your best indication of where the shot came from as the bullet travels faster than sound, especially if the shooter’s using something to muffle or redirects the shot’s signature. But hey, there’s probably some pol’s contributer or some connected disadvantaged business in need of a sale so just look at the system as another tool in the Fed’s bag.

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    • stella says:

      I read that the system is in use elsewhere. My only concern would be the Secret Service personnel using it.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        Yes, in a way. It’s very hard to pinpoint a source even for qualified personnel. There’s some benefit to be gained by getting it as high as you can but for a number of reasons I am not really impressed.
        If you’re having a roiling gunfight and no one moves for a few minutes you have a better fix but on one Oswald type of shooter who fires and runs doesn’t quite get that much accuracy. The WH has been pterry much bulletproofed, right down to the windows, and I don’t recall that many places where a shooter could hide and shoot.
        You could probably lower the incidence of shots by allowing honest citizens, vice Barry supporters, to legally carry guns but then those Barry supporters would have a harder time making a living.

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  2. nyetneetot says:

    Live Fire Exercise This Weekend Near White House!
    Today’s live target has been selected…..


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