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  1. auscitizenmom says:

    True, unfortunately. 😦

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  2. joshua says:

    but they all get a bag of legos, a teddy bear, and a flannel blankie for participation..

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  3. lovely says:

    Me, me ! Pick me! I would answer every question with “Donald J Trump is your president so suck an egg!”

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  4. Lucille says:

    White girls in Trump gear trigger Howard University students in cafeteria
    By Rick Moran – August 21, 2017

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    • lovely says:

      I commented on the original article, (can’t remember where) I said that I’m sure ISIS t-shirt wearers are welcome as are burkas the sign of absolute male dominance and misogyny. My comments were deleted.

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  5. Lucille says:

    Maybe the left just needs a cookie
    By Michael James – August 22, 2017

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  6. Sharon says:

    That gives me an idea: anyone who expects to encounter folks who have Lefdisease should carry with them, pre-packaged in clear sandwich baggies, a supply of cookies, a binky, and a small package of kleenexes (each set in a baggie).

    When the Leffies begin to melt, hand it to them, pat them on the back, and be on your way. There is no point in talking about it any more. Exposure and sarcasm do not communicate to either babies or the arrogant. Never have.

    Treat them like you would any other uninformed, manipulative, loud, self-centered, malignant, non-toilet-trained, thumbsucking three year old – childish unadults that they are.

    They do not entertain me or make make feel superior. They make me sick. They are destroying our country and are being helped by those who still treat them like a one-line joke or a strip comic. They are neither.

    They have already rotted our culture and our nation is in collapse. What they represent is NOT something that is “happening now” – what they represent is WHAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. The hour is late.

    Even if a child accidentally, as opposed to a skilled arsonist, starts a fire – the desperate need of the moment is to PUT THE FIRE OUT.

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    • stella says:

      Sometimes laughter keeps you from crying.

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      • Sharon says:

        Sometimes crying is under-rated. And overdue.

        My opinion.

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        • stella says:

          Cry away, Sharon! There is room for both.

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          • Sharon says:

            I’m not much for crying or laughing at such things. Just saying that endless sarcasm and verbal sword play has its limits. You suggested crying as an alternative to laughter. Neither solves anything and either one exclusively becomes tiresome. Back to my yard now. Thanks for good conversation, Stella.

            Of course you know I was irritated at the headlines after Jerry Lewis died – “The laughter has died”….. really? I suppose those who live and die by pop culture have a stake in the death of their icons. His death didn’t change my laughter levels at all. I laugh at funny stuff and I never thought he was all that funny.

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      • Sharon says:

        I have a hard time getting at the core of this without coming across like a jerk.

        Sometimes it seems that those with the sharpest wit on a matter of deep grief and seriousness are also those who seldom allow themselves to grieve in the presence of reality.

        For the last two years+, since Mr. Trump declared his candidacy, the lines of division (and fear) have become more and more clearly drawn all around, and I am just with the plan for using sarcasm and supposed ‘exposure’ was a medium for resistance.

        Maybe I’m over sensitive to it because I was about thirty years old before I figured out, inside my brain and heart, that my skill in those areas was not making life any easier nor were they useful in solving any fer-real situation.

        It’s my opinion (based on my own experience) that many of those who primarily use sarcasm and anger to speak about those with Lefdisease – – – sort of use that as a way to deal with anything or anyone in their lives that they dislike.

        It’s my opinion that that is why many are tired of Ann Coulter. And Ann Barnhardt. And Tony the Mooch. I don’t think it’s effective on a personal level any more than it’s effective on a public-conversation level.

        And having said all that – I may be completely wrong.

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        • stella says:

          I think each person is different. Speaking for myself only, each day is different. Sometimes I require a cheap pressure relief valve. I think it’s fine, as long as you know the difference.

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          • Sharon says:

            BINGO! and yes……………..”as long as you know the difference”……………………. and I think that a lot of the sarcasm and nasty communication is become a habit and not a choice…………

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        • lovely says:

          For me Sharon, humor is simply pointing out the absurdness of our enemies. It is a reminder to myself and I believe others that we are not the only ones who see the naked emperor and his axe wielding minions.

          I think many of us, certainly those here at Stella’s Place appreciate the dangerously precarious place that our country and our people are in.

          We fight the heavy fight, we fight it with words, with our families, with blogs, we fight by trying to lead people out of the cult of the Left, we conceal carry, we stand at the ready, we continue to support President Trump at the cost of family and friends, we endure dirty looks and some verbal nonsense for wearing our Trump gear out in public and so on.

          I posted not long ago if the day comes that we the two sides are demanded to take up arms against each other I am certain that John McCain would aim his musket at me. I am well aware of the seriousness of the rising evil, well aware that we are off the cliff, well aware that the house is on fire, well aware that the only hope for a free world lies within the the hearts of American patriots I am as of yet not certain how this war will be fought, on what ground, through what means and actions.

          Right now the PTB would like nothing more than for the Right to mirror the Left and act as violently as they do to protect our freedoms. I am hoping there is still another path. There may not be.

          The Left mirrors ISIS, bow down to their ignorant violent racist ideology or die. I personally am hopeful that we are not living in foretold times but I am far from convinced that we are not.

          Mathew 10:35__ For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

          I find no joy, happiness, humor or good in the evil that we are fighting I find sanity in the promise that good will prevail, yes, the Lefts antics are idiotic, dangerous and violent but for me to live in the place I would need to go, a place where I do not mock them or make fun of them but only dwell on the seriousness, the precarious danger that our world is in, the future that may or not be for my daughter would drive me mad.

          I would like to add to this quote Or my laughter for compliance.

          So that is why I will laugh at them and mock them until they slit my throat and I will die on my feet. If by some chance we are blessed with a reprieve from this madness and the world returns to some semblance of sanity and evil is called evil and good is called good I will hit my knees in thanksgiving. Now I hit them in begging for strength and mercy. For our country, our president and goodness. also in thanksgiving for the light in the darkness.

          I think you are terrific Sharon and I hope this post comes across in the spirit that it is meant. I see what you see. I stand ready at the door.

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          • Sharon says:

            I understand your post.

            I have limits when I feel like the sarcasm and language is nonstop. Probably because I know exactly what’s going on inside of me when I start with cutting sarcasm. It ain’t nice. It’s important for me not to live there.

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            • lovely says:

              Written word for me is so limited in a circumstance like this. I can say that I grieve every day for our country, I grieve for my daughter who has bought the lie hook line and sinker, for the many many people who live only in darkness and hate and for people who live in love and light and are hated because of it.

              We may share something that I can only say is intangible, I have never stood down a cancer diagnosis, what I have done is wake up and have my husband gone noticed the shotgun was not where it should be and remembered hearing a shot, I remember carrying my youngest daughter into her sister’s room, (thankfully the older girls were having a “sleep over” and they were in the same room already.) All three girls remained asleep.

              I remember walking downstairs and seeing a half finished puzzle on the ground and picking it up so that the house wasn’t messy.

              I remember calling 911 and asking them not to use sirens so not to wake the girls. I remember I couldn’t spell the name of the town I lived in.

              I remember my mom spent one night to help out and then I was on my own with 3 girls. Family wise.

              So I had a choice to make in those first months, that first year – curl up into a ball and die or appreciate the beauty that remained and focus on beauty and joy. It was a very dark hole to crawl out of but crawl and claw I did.

              So I chose life. My husband did not exhibit any of the normal warning signs of an impending suicide, he was not depressed in any classical sense of the word, there is of course a lot more to it than that bit I don’t care to go into it on a public board.

              Anyhow. I came to a decision in my life to do what the man I loved could not. To live. And to live life as abundantly, fully and appreciatively as possible.

              I see tha madness around me, I see the lives who are never really their own, where is their free will I want to scream. That question is too big and painful for me, how does a chid who is so damaged by his environment by the time he is 3 years old, he hates cops, has inhaled copious amounts of second hand marijuana smoke, watched sex acts, violent acts and been emotionally and physically neglected and or abused supposed to live a life of his own volition?

              What about all the silver spoon liberal millennials who hate me with the same passion that the young man from the ghetto hates me simply because they have been raised to be virtue signaling fools?

              These are dangerous, sad, violent, grotesque times. And I will do what is in my power to put out the fire but I will acknowledge that it is beyond me, because it is beyond me.

              But tomorrow I will acknowledge the beauty of sunlight on my face, tonight I feel the cool fresh air on my skin and it makes me happy. I am for lack of a better explanation a very still soul, I cannot suppress my natural yet hard fought happiness with just “being”.

              The world may be on fire, but still God asks me not to despair.

              One last thing! I think a lot of what you may read as sarcastic humor from me (maybe?) is simply a light hearted joke. And I certainly hope to never come across as nasty.

              I’m not going to proofread this as then I am likely not to post it, so forgive the typos that I am sure are there.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      😯 Woah, you said it. That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

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  7. joshua says:

    It is hard to find humor in people beating up other people, burning and looting buildings, stealing stuff, and hollering hatred at others…..It is hard to find any love or care for the narcissists going to our colleges on govt loans which, of course, is merely OUR money as they will not likely ever pay back those debts…..


  8. Lucille says:

    Some are snowflakes and some are cow dung, but lefties never show tolerance for opposing viewpoints…never, ever….

    The Next News Network

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  9. Lucille says:

    A lying liar and assassination supporter isn’t sorry one bit, of course, for anything except the loss of power…

    Missouri state senator…”Maria Chappelle-Nadal removed from all committee assignments”

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