Rod Rosenstein: Impaneling Grand Jury Doesn’t Say Anything About Indictments

We’ll see.

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7 Responses to Rod Rosenstein: Impaneling Grand Jury Doesn’t Say Anything About Indictments

  1. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Well, ham sandwiches better lawyer UP!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. lovely says:

    Full disclosure I didn’t listen to 80% of the interview. I think they are both disingenuous butt heads.

    The Grand Jury is the Baleen Whale of the court system it just swims along with it’s mouth open filtering in all the krill it can grab. Open ended agenda, (I was surprised to hear Sekulow state that Trump’s legal team was going to make sure that the prosecutor stayed within his purview) Sekulow knows better than anyone that nothing is out of Mueller’s realm.

    So why say it my mind asked? Because he is fighting Trump style. Team Trump is going to keep this fight public and continue to belittle the nonsense in anyway it can. Perception. Persuasion. Art of the deal. Call it whatever you want – but President Trump is continuing to lay the other side low and the other side knows it. Democrats have always and still depend on their public influence and shaming of people to point the nose of the dog and then lead it off the cliff. To a large extent the democrats have lost this card. There will always be the Whoopi’s of the world and the millions of minions like her but many people are waking up to the bait the scam of American politicians.

    Also normally a Grand Jury has unencumbered subpoenas. The problem for Mueller and the PTB behind him is that they are all far dirtier than Trump and Trump is willing to kick all their asses because he has lived his life. Really? Subpoena Junior over his meeting and Jared ? I spit in Mueller’s general direction.

    And my last observation is that there is nothing to find. If there was something to find it would have been found and leaked. The best they can do is going after Flynn. Their second ace is Donald Trump Jr. took a perfectly legal meeting with a Russian lawyer who a publicist told Don Jr. that the attorney had information straight from Moscow about Dirty Hillary.

    Perfectly legal.

    Hillary is perfectly dirty.

    The Grand Jury will beach itself. Chris Mathews and all the usual miscreants will all rush to the waters edge and put water over the poor thing, they’ll try to push it out to sea but they will just end up stinking like a rotting fish carcass more than they already do.

    JMO of course but I’m learning to think with the new rules and exposed realities that are the perimeters of life in DC.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      I believe this is just part of that huge ‘get Trump’ campaign. They’re throwing anything and everything and if nothing sticks then at least the appearance that Trump’s crooked ( after all, why would so many bad things come out?) will remain. The characterless practicing character assassination.
      Keep those muskets handy, the Redcoats are nowhere near done with us.

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      • lovely says:

        I agree it is a lot of mud slinging in the hope that something sticks. They are all afraid of their own dirt coming out. I saw that Assange tweeted that if Mueller likes leaks he better brace himself (or something close to that) implying he had dirt on Mueller. The problem is when everyone has blood on their hands it is very hard to cast a stone that will eventually bring you down with it. There is a reason that Gowdy blusters but nothing happens, and Chaffetz sounds good at hearings but then zip zero nada when it comes to action. Nunes got sidelined, democrats lost their before Lyndon Johnson made it official and so it goes….


  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    …and when do we get to see the indictments of the real criminals…

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  4. joshua says:

    George Soros…the real mastermind criminal


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