President Trump Makes an Announcement with Senator Tom Cotton and Senator David Perdue

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6 Responses to President Trump Makes an Announcement with Senator Tom Cotton and Senator David Perdue

  1. I saw a few clips on twitter of this speech. I’m really glad that stricter immigration is being put into place and hopefully it will mean the people who come here will want to be here and benefit our country. I did notice that Cotton and Perdue seemed like they were less than thrilled to be up there with POTUS. I hope I’m misreading it, but I find it heartbreaking. President Trump needs his party to get behind him. SMH

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  2. joshua says:

    The idea is great. I wonder how they will MANAGE this plan…as in…who determines WHAT specific skill sets are NEEDED and who will hire those particular skill sets, and who and how will CANDIDATES be vetted for actual skill abilities…easy to fill out an on line application and lie about it…but the entire bureaucratic management of this deal makes me wonder who has even thought it out at all….and how will “reapplications” or previously denied, or fake names and addresses be evaluated….we have issues with our own SS and IRS operations….and I remember the Billion Dollar software disaster when Obamacare was rolled out.

    I like the theory….but I question the who and how…..making great decisions is easy….but like actually building the wall….it takes competent people with a clear mission goal and plan with a timeline and an audit process to make it work.

    Not yet impressed with Rose Garden announcements of how it is going to be.

    Too busy noticing that the Southern Wall is going to call for “PROTOTYPE” construction contests to the tune of some millions of dollars before ANY contractor starts working on a WALL.

    Walls are already build in Israel and Jordon and Egypt to do the same things….why do we need to prototype rather than copy, or hire the designers of those walls to make our plans and just award the first contractor a deal for the first 100 miles to get going right now?

    I have no patience with the Federal Government building a wall if they are going to do it with contractor competition like building a fighter aircraft.

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    Uh well now, I don’t know if those progressive Yankee SOBs will cotton to this idea though if they do we’ll be ******** in high cotton. Wish I was alivin’ in the land of cotton…oh wait. Sorry, just cotton to the idea of ahavon’ a bit of fun with his name and……yes Czarina…coming.


    • czarowniczy says:

      November 4, 2014: the people of Arkansas when faced with electing a Pryor senator or Tom resoundingly said that “they knew how much trouble there’d been and they were going to pick their own damned Cotton!”.

      Yes dear…I’ll be taking the pills in just a minute….


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