Joke Of The Week

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9 Responses to Joke Of The Week

  1. joshua says:


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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Yep. It’s a joke. I think we should call that number.


  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    Well…I’ll be the Devil’s Advocate 👿

    Should we condemn all of the Republicans

    For just 7 that voted against better and improved Health Insurance


    • auscitizenmom says:

      You can’t let ALL of the others off the hook. They will vote for something they don’t want if they know it isn’t going to make it anyway. I heard that one Senator passed and waited to see if McCain was going to put in the killer “no” vote, and then he voted “yes”.

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    • stella says:

      The rest didn’t have to. The seven are senators who aren’t currently in jeopardy. That’s why there were senators who held back to let McCain vote first. Also Lisa Murkowski, who has five more years before she is up for reelection.

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  4. Sharon says:

    “better health care that you deserve…..”

    I’m sick of that phrase and sick of the fact that’s it’s a proven seller when talking to their selected audience: “You deserve this – you deserve that…”

    Says who?

    Health care used to be something we paid for when we needed it. Like paying for groceries when the larder is looking slim. Or paying for a car when the old one dies. Or paying for glasses when I break the ones I had. Or paying for bath towels when the new ones are frayed.

    If they were honest they would say,

    “We’re going to say that you deserve it, so that we can get you to think that you deserve, and since you deserve it, it is no longer a matter of whether or how you are going to pay for it – because since you deserve it, if you can’t afford it, someone else will pay for it……[like you can’t afford your medication big pharma can help]”

    Nobody “deserves” a certain level of health care. That’s a mental imagination. It is not an ethical or reality-based fact.

    Crap, now if I find out that everybody DESERVES a car that’s less than eleven years old and if they can’t afford the insurance on the newer car that someone else will buy the insurance, I’m gonna get really ticked.

    Actually, that doesn’t matter that much to me. I like my old Equinox LT. Our senior housing development (1500 homes) recently had a great car show and I found out that any car over 10 years old could qualify in the “classic” category! Shoot, who knew. If I got it washed up and polished, could have entered it! (or not…..) That was a fun car show – about sixty entries – the oldest a 1934 – all of them beautifully maintained.

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