President Trump Remarks on MS-13 to Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement

Scheduled for 1:40 pm

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4 Responses to President Trump Remarks on MS-13 to Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Too little too late on MS-13, even if we take the lowball figure of 10,000 in the US and 60,000 in the various Latin American countries it thrives in. We’ve been deporting them for decades and many of the ones we bounce just bounce right back in, under the Clinton and Obama regimes they prospered in Latin America and expanded here.
    MS-13 is ‘alleged’ to have deep contacts in various Latin American governments…though the weapons and explosives they have could have been obtained from gun shows, internet sales and the DoJ, but that’s another story. They seem to have few problems in obtaining the supplies and equipment they need to carry out their activities from their southern nests and as obvious as their activities are here they seem to skate a good bit.
    They started out as a protection group, they’d formed to protect the Salvadoran community from Mexican gangs, and California sort of looked the other way as they evolved and now we’re reaping the results. Go ahead and deport 5000, if you can, but the courts will be clogged and even if you are successful the hole you create will be plugged soon by someone else, probably by a gang with roots closer to our southern border.

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  2. joshua says:

    let military deal with them offshore as enemy combatants


  3. joshua says:

    offer them free transvestite surgery without anesthesia


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