Spicer: I want Scaramucci and Sanders to have fresh start

What do you think? Is Sean Spicer being totally honest about this?


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7 Responses to Spicer: I want Scaramucci and Sanders to have fresh start

  1. Sharon says:

    So far (listening to it right now) I think he’s being honest within the context of personal priorities. At this point in his own professional choices, he has no need to subjugate his own priorities to the demands of either the interviewer or the audience.

    It appears that his personal priorities were to leave under his own power without leaving behind any sense of chaos that could be used by Mr. Trump’s opposition.

    Perhaps another personal priority was to discontinue living in an impossible bubble over which he had increasingly less control after the ground swell undercutting his personal influence began to evolve (noticeable since Sara’s rise [which is a good thing]).

    Even while talking to Sean Hannitty he is under no obligation to say everything he could say, so I don’t assume that any of his choices here constitutes dishonesty. Since he decided to provide public cover/support/commendation to Sara and whatsizname, saying anything that would minimize that would not be expressed.

    I suspect he’s glad to get out of the spotlight.

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    I never felt Sean Spicer’s heart and soul was truly in the job

    When he would first step up to the podium he would recite the information on what the Trump Administration had accomplished or was in the process of working on

    Spicer did that without any real enthusiasm

    Without any fire inside himself

    It was for me rather boring to listen to him

    I believe Sean Spicer had come to his realization that the job was not of his interests…good luck to him in his next endeavor ✌

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  3. facebkwallflower says:

    Good interview. Seems like he is happy and excited. Looking at all his training in security stuff, this gig was really a 180 for him.

    His smile in the beginning seems like he h is going onto something he is excited about.


  4. auscitizenmom says:

    It is a pretty stressful job with him not connecting with the President, for whatever reason, and the viciousness of the press he had to walk into every day. Even if he wanted to stay, I believe he is relieved to go.


  5. lovely says:

    I think Spicer was nervous about pleasing and displeasing President Trump and that came through in his pressers.

    Scarmucci is cut from the same cloth as Trump, as long as Scaramucci was a business man he did what he needed to do in NY to get what he needed to get done, done. Scaramucci doesn’t have a loyalty to a “party”.

    Scaramucci will not be as personally vested in pleasing President Trump as Spicer was, he already basically said “Yeah I said terrible thing about Trump, the MSM should get over it and so should President Trump” then Scarmucci looks in in the camera and said directly to President Trump “Enough already ok, let’s move on, I’m sorry, I was wrong.” Spicer was never and would never be as comfortable speaking for or to President Trump as Scaramucci already is.

    So yes I think Spicer was honest. The Scaramucci/Trump world is one where he really didn’t fit in. I like Spicer and think he did a great job. I’m not a fan of Huckabee’s style but meh, who cares she is pretty unflappable and will really get under the MSM’s skin.

    Scaramucci is a whole new ball game.

    And remember Scaramucci ❤️’s Trump! 😊Every time I think about that presser I smile.

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