President Trump’s FIERY Healthcare Meeting with GOP Senators 7/19/17

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4 Responses to President Trump’s FIERY Healthcare Meeting with GOP Senators 7/19/17

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Getting Senators of any stripe to do good for the public is twice as hard as herding cats and half as productive. Senator’s first question is: “What’s in it for me?”. They know that their terms may be short and they have to resp the fields while they can do their ‘medical industrial complex’ masters have to come first.
    I was always a big fan of letting Obamacare implode under its own weight and now the Republicans have touched it they’ll share the blame when it does. The utter greed and stupidity of a Congress never ceases to amaze me.


  2. joshua says:

    If the entire congress and staff and their families were forced to use Obamacare Right Now and close down the insurance plan THEY voted for THEMSELVES…..suddenly something might happen.


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  3. Howie says:

    I think that President Trump is preparing to attack deep state before they can do any more damage.


  4. joshua says:

    I think President Trump needs to know that we are going to support his agenda and his plan no matter what he has to say or do to or with his staff, congressfolk, administrative bureaucrats, foreign leaders, and the MSM…….we want what he promised, and we see how hard it is for ANYONE to bring that promise to our nation, and what insanity he must face every minute of every day in MAGA.

    Thank you for enduring the fools…for all of US. May your days prosper with the success of your conviction and wisdom and strength, President Trump.


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