President Trump Departs Warsaw, Arrives at Hamburg for G20

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4 Responses to President Trump Departs Warsaw, Arrives at Hamburg for G20

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    This is so hard to keep up with. I need to throw a load of clothes in the wash before the next video. 😯

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  2. czarowniczy says:

    And how many of the attendees will ve businessmen who’ve actually EARNED OR MSDE money as opposed politicians with no skills other than criticizing the ways working folks create wealth/make the money these same pols are looking to steal.
    I’m watching the view (stuck in the hospital again) and John Kasich is on. This is a squishy pol who is the male counterpart of the female hosts were one to blend them down and pour the putrid result into a male mold…emphasis on the ‘mold’. This guy has all of the cornerless qualities of Pee Wee Herman, I can imagine him faving down Kim Jong-UN or Putin. Yet he wanted to be the POTUS and tell alllllll of those competent people who actually produce products how to fo it while leading a military that wouldn’t use him for pizza delivery. No wonder The View’s so sgainst Trump, he and what he represents is 180-degrees from what they believe in.
    We finally have a leader rather than a clothes horse popinjay and he’s upsetting the professional pols. He’s bringing the attention hose back to Europe where our heritage is and focusing on the real threat of Europe and the US being inundated and destroyed by a foreign and hostile religion and culture. I hope he brings that same message to the rest of Europe before they drown in a sea of Islam.

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  3. Sharon says:

    Just finished watching the departure from Poland – I really liked the length and detail of the video.

    And especially liked the fact that the Polish representatives stayed in place until the plane turned to taxi and then waved goodbye! Sweet and symbolic – even as they were probably not in a position easy for those on the plane to see.

    So fine that he went first to Poland. I do not forget what it felt like the day I heard on radio news that obama had told Poland they were not to have defensive missiles under his administration.

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    • Sharon says:

      I decided to go and find a link re obama’s actions re Poland – and found this from It’s a broader discussion but launches from that central piece.

      ” Speaker – Rebeccah Heinrichs: Over the past several years, I’ve wished many times that I could listen unnoticed when Presidents Obama and Medvedev chat. I should be careful what I wish for.

      “This sidebar conversation that we’re all familiar with provides profound and critical unique political insights. It reveals two points that I hope to leave you with: One, the President is not committed, as he says he is, to deploying a robust ballistic missile defense system to protect America and our allies. Number two, the President is using and will continue to use U.S. ballistic missile defense as a bargaining chip with the Russians in his single-minded pursuit of ridding the world of nuclear weapons and ‘reset’ with Russia.

      “On the first point, even before he entered the White House, President Obama spoke out against missile defense. In 2001, he told a Chicago TV station that ‘I don’t agree with a missile defense system.’ In one of his campaign addresses, he said he wanted to get rid of ‘unproven missile defense systems,’ which we know is code for anything that hasn’t intercepted a missile in combat.”

      baraack obama was and is a documented fool.

      President Trump included these lines in his speech in Poland:

      “As I stand here today before this incredible crowd, this faithful nation, we can still hear those voices that echo through history….As long as we know our history, we will know how to build our future.” Yes.

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