10:00 am EDT LIVE – James Comey Testifies Before Congress

The former FBI director will be testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee this morning at 10:00 am.

As I’m sure you all know, this testimony will be broadcast live by multiple television channels, cable and free. It’s a media frenzy!! If you must or prefer to watch the testimony on the internet, here are two live feeds:

Alternate Live Feed:

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45 Responses to 10:00 am EDT LIVE – James Comey Testifies Before Congress

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Yep, a media circus.

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    Sen. Warner makes me want to vomit.

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  4. hocuspocus13 says:

    Wray vs Comey

    Something to think about 🤔

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  5. joshua says:

    Joe the Plumber should be conducting the questions. He is believable. And he is NOT a darn lawyer.

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  6. hocuspocus13 says:

    I don’t believe anyone gets fired for just one thing

    Like Comey is trying to say he did

    Trump had his reservations and doubts with Comey like most of America did

    As well as those in the FBI

    Hillary Clinton should have gone before a Grand Jury

    Trump just wanted to set his mind to rest with Comey

    And to do that they needed to meet and talk

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  7. auscitizenmom says:

    I am liking Rubio’s questions. Especially “with all the leaks in the media, why did not the fact that the Pres. was not under investigation get leaked?”

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  8. stella says:

    Seen on Facebook:

    “He was a man of splendid abilities, but utterly corrupt. He shines and stinks, like a rotten mackerel by moonlight.”

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  9. auscitizenmom says:

    Well, I think the conclusion coming out of this hearing is that McCain is senile. 🙄 I do like that he is asking about why Clinton is not under investigation anymore.

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Indictment…Hillary Clinton

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    • lovely says:

      McCain actually painted Comey into a corner, unfortunately he did a poor job of painting.

      The question is:

      How can a reasonable person assert that Hillary Clinton did nothing maliciously or negligently criminal when it comes to her emails and information that the Russians obtained if the investigation into the entire Russian cyber espionage has not been concluded?

      Comey knew what McCain was asking. It is a shame someone with all their faculties didn’t ask the question clearly.

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  10. lovely says:

    I just got home but from the look on the face of Comey it did not go well for him?

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  11. lovely says:

    Notice that anything Comey thinks may make POTUS look bad he answers in the absolute. Yes. No. None.

    When asked if POTUS ever tried to persuade Comey from continuing with the Russian probe Comey loses his absoluteness and says ;

    Not to my understanding no.

    Wicked man.

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  12. lovely says:

    Comey “The Trump administration said that the workforce had lost confidence in the FBI’s leadership. That was a lie!” Comey you moron POTUS fired you because he lost confidence in you, POTUS didn’t lose confidence in you in a bubble, how on earth can you believe that anyone other than the true nutters will think that makes any sense.

    Notice Comey doesn’t say Flynn did anything wrong by talking to the Russians simply that Flynn’s statements were where there could be a process violation.

    What a scumbag you are James Comey.

    The Russians targeted 100’s possibly over a thousand entities but John Podesta, DNC and Hillary unsecured server were breached 😎.

    Comey is asked isn’t hardware, isn’t content important?

    Corey’s answer translated “Content is not as important as expediency” .

    Attorney General Lynch pressured Comey to call the Clinton investigation a “matter” not an investigation. Oh Hillary you better see if your male nanny nurse can fit through the bars of cell.

    The nature of the person. Wow! The acting FBI Director just said that it is President Trump’s nature to lie and he thinks that POTUS defamed him?

    These people are corrupt through their souls.

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  13. lovely says:

    Dang! Comey has a tell! His voice goes an octave higher when he is uncomfortable with his lie 😮.

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  14. lovely says:

    55 minute mark. This kind of “feeling” has no place in sworn testimony.

    Wow! Comey just made up an entire scenario out of thin air with zero material substantiation this is amazing stuff.

    Just a bit later Comey testifies as to what both the AG and Kushner were thinking.

    This is amazing.

    Some one needs to tell that clown Senator Warren that POTUS did not ask Director Comey to take any “specific action” over the Flynn investigation.

    And we are just supposed to believe that Comey wrote unbiased contemporaneous notes about a meeting that Comey had with Trump even though Comey drips with contempt for Trump and believes Trump is a man whose nature it is to lie and testified to this belief under oath? Comey is just like Obama in that he thinks he is the only moral man in the world while he is knee deep in blood.

    Comey is swearing under oath that the exact 28 words he uses in his “memory memo” are verbatim what President Trump said.

    President Trump did not direct you to let the Flynn investigation go?

    Not in his words, no.

    He did not order you to let it go?

    Again those words are not an order.

    You’ve worked on thousands of cases. Do you know of any case where a person has been charged with obstruction of justice or for that matter any other criminal offense where they said or thought they hoped for an outcome?

    I don’t know well enough to answer….. and once again Comey gives “feelings” as sworn testimony I took it as a direction I mean it’s the president of the United States with me alone saying this, telling me “I hope this” I took it as this is what he wants me to do, I didn’t obey that but again that’s the way I took it.”



    But that is not what he said. You don’t know of anybody who has been charged for hoping something, is that a fair statement?

    I don’t as I sit here.


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  15. lovely says:

    Keep in mind that politicians, legal eagles and all of MSM said again and again that President Trump had the legal right to keep Comey from testifying by invoking Executive Privilege. POTUS did not invoke Executive Privilege – – but he legally could have. Sooo…. President Trump and Comey’s conversations were privileged therefore Comey leaked privileged information and has sworn to doing so in a legal hearing.


    Anyone familiar with the specific statute that Comey will be charged with ?

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  17. joshua says:

    I feel like I had to watch dirty sweat sox being washed in my kitchen sink and then have to clean vegetables to cook in same sink right afterwards, from watching this charade of clowns.

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  18. lovely says:

    This is how James Comey described himself under sworn testimony.







    Doing a great job,


    Could be wrong,



    Slightly cowardly,

    Didn’t have the presence of mind,

    Is not Captain Courageous,

    Is an underling,

    Thinks that it is the nature of President Trump to lie,

    Russia, Russia, Russia,

    A leaker of privileged information that was a conversation between the Director of the FBI and the President of the United States,

    Went out of town to hide,

    The meek Comey called President Trump “sir”,

    Compared himself to a 12th century priest who was assassinated by the powers of King Henry II,

    Not a legal scholar,

    Intended to stay on as the director of the FBI,

    There is a danger that he is projecting onto President Trump,

    Doesn’t want to suggest something nefarious about President Trump,

    Doesn’t know whether an FBI agent who has knowledge of a crime has a legal duty to report such crime,

    Tried his darnedest to explain things to President Trump,

    Doesn’t buy the explanation as to why he was fired,

    and repeatedly said he “takes the president at his word” even though he has premised his entire testimony on his gut feeling that the nature of President Donald Trump is to lie. .

    Oh and Comey never talked to White House Counsel about president’s conduct and all the pressure that Comey was feeling.

    No wonder President Trump told the Russians that Comey is a crazy nut job.

    Thank goodness he was thrown out on his ear.

    Unloose the dogs upon citizen Comey AG Sessions.

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  19. stella says:

    Call me SAINT James! FBI’s fired Comey uses his testimony to compare himself to medieval martyr St Thomas à Becket (and Trump to an angry king)

    Fired FBI director James Comey referenced the murder of archbishop Thomas à Becket when questioned by Senator Angus King on Thursday
    Becket was Archbishop of Canterbury, England’s most senior cleric, after his friend King Henry II organized his elevation in 1162
    The king thought he had an ally but Becket became his most bitter opponent, even going into exile as they feuded
    By 1170 he was back at Canterbury, but opposing the king again and, furious, Henry said: ‘Will no-one rid me of this turbulent priest?’
    Four knights went to Canterbury and killed Becket – making him a martyr who the Pope ordained as saint two years later


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  20. lovely says:

    Here is Comey’s buddy who leaked the memo information for him.

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  21. jeans2nd says:

    Re: Comey Circus today.
    No one seems to have asked the truly relevant question.

    The Fake News has repeatedly asserted that Our POTUS is a master showman, who is producing and starring in his own version of The American President.

    Comey obviously is putting on Comey’s Own Reality Show. Or Tragedy, as viewpoint warrants.
    So, what is the Fake News’ verdict? Who produced and starred in the better show?

    Personally, methinks Comey should move on to Hollywood scriptwriting, or ghost writing spy novels. Although, truthfully, Comey doesn’t even seem to write stories very well, imo.

    Thankfully other things kept me away from this entire debacle the entire day and evening. You all are True American Patriots for suffering through this entire tragedy. Thank you.

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  22. lovely says:

    Did Comey Violate Laws In Leaking The Trump Memo?


    Dissemination of FBI information is made strictly in accordance with provisions of the Privacy Act; Title 5, United States Code, Section 552a; FBI policy and procedures regarding discretionary release of information in accordance with the Privacy Act; and other applicable federal orders and directives.”

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  23. michellc says:

    So from what I gather Comey lied under oath, broke the law by releasing classified information, admitted he was pressured by Lynch. Russians war cry is dead in the water.

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  24. lovely says:

    Comey threw not only Lynch (and the entire Clinton/Obama crime family) under the bus today but when Rubio asked him about leaks Comey even threw the Gang of Eight under the bus.

    Just so much terrible news for the democrats in Comey’s testimony almost every sentence he spoke was a reason to celebrate.

    Citizen Comey you were better than I had even hoped!

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