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  1. facebkwallflower says:

    Sabo wasted his rebel poster on the wrong man. At the right time in the campaign his “Cruz” poster with Trump instead would have made a difference NOW after he has been elected. The loyalty of those young brought in with the face switched from Cruz to Trump would be effective on the campuses today.

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    • facebkwallflower says:

      My comment misses the gist of the video which it merely using the poster as an example of how Republicans have to change how they build a younger base. The thing is, the marketing is only as good as the persons it is promoting. The youth will not buy it. This video of Bill’s sort of confused me. He did not seem as comfortable as usual and I what he was trying to convey actually came out sounding like gotta use propaganda to reel the youth in, instead of focusing on what is important to them and seeing if, as a party, we can go with some of these things or meet half way. “Getting” the youth to “see” is useless if we end up with a bunch of people in the party, a majority, that are idealogy-wise different. That is how the Democrat Party got so completely usurped, taken over, transformed, and sadly, effective.

      One thing they were specific on saying, Sabo and Bill, is “teens”. This is crucial. Get them before they go to college. We can’t save the majority of campus commies but we can circumvent and go for the teens.Not only are they a wee bit rebellious at this age but I find they are also very smart. It always saddens me to see such wonderful thinking teens have their thought process and patterns nurtured as they get to their mid-twenties. I think part of this is because the adults around them just blow their thoughts and opinions off as “youthful naivety” and don’t take the time to engage them productively and respectively, giving them time to really hone in their thinking skills. Instead they just quit. And in walk the commies ready to take their surrendered minds and turn them into angry mush.


      • michellc says:

        I don’t know how well it works. A friend of my son’s in HS was extremely political, he talked politics so much he annoyed most of his friends, heck at times he annoyed me. The kid had brains though and was very good at getting his point across and could make even the most liberal kid or adult think. His Dad was super conservative, which I’m sure is where it came from. Out of all the kids I knew, he was the one that I thought college would never change. My son and him kind of lost touch for a few years and just recently started talking again and he has baffled my son. This kid is now a huge Bernie liberal wanting free healthcare for all, welfare and foodstamps for all, nobody should make less than $15/hour, free childcare. My son asked him what the heck happened to him and he said he grew up and realized he had it all wrong and was brainwashed by his Dad and was now a lot smarter. My son told him he sounds like he fried his brain on drugs or fell on his head.

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