LIVE: President Trump’s Speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit – 9:15 am

Fox News:

President Trump Sunday in a highly-anticipated speech to Muslim leaders during his first foreign trip is expected to call for unity in the fight to “stamp out extremism.”

During his second day of his first trip abroad, Trump’s speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia will address the leaders of 50 Muslim-majority countries to cast the challenge of extremism as a “battle between good and evil” and urge Arab leaders to “drive out the terrorists from your places of worship,” according to a draft of the speech.

“Our goal is a coalition of nations who share the aim of stamping out extremism and providing our children a hopeful future that does honor to God,” Trump is expected to say according to excerpts of his speech. “Our friends will never question our support, and our enemies will never doubt our determination.”


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13 Responses to LIVE: President Trump’s Speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit – 9:15 am

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    His speech is much stronger than I expected. 😯 Good!

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  2. ZurichMike says:

    Yeah, whatever. But what about “muh Russians”?

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Reading Pravda this morning, muh Russians are currently laughing heartily at our Very Fake News and the half of the American electorate that believes such garbage. Pravda seems to have a backhanded admiration of Our POTUS. (pls do not tell anyone it was I who told you)

      Thank you for the vids, Stella. Sisi is great as well.

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  3. lovely says:

    Heavenly days! I have a friend over and we both are jumping for joy. This was an amazing speech. POTUS got more applause than the king after telling a bunch of Gulf states to take care of their own damn terrorists. This was a masterpiece!

    Phrases like “Innocent blood soaked into your ancient ground” “Terrorist are an insult to God” “You choose your children’s future” “No glory in the tithing of barbarians” “Drive the terrorist out from you holy land, your places of worship, your communities, Drive them out of earth!”

    And I’ll Iranian leaders are moving a level lower in their bunkers.

    A new “Terrorist Targeting Center ” co chaired by Saudi Arabia and United States and the corporation of many Gulf states! This was a Never Surender speech.


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  4. lovely says:

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  5. The Tundra PA says:

    Absolutely great and fearless speech by our lion. Seemed like every time the camera panned King Salman he was looking like a petrified deer caught in the headlights. Was it just me?

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    • lovely says:

      I don’t know, he was from hard to read, it looked like he was trying to listen to POTUS and his interpreter, as in he looked a bit lost?

      I personally think POTUS desire to rid not only the US but the ME of the savage terrorists is welcome thought for King Salman. Though for Salman it has nothing to do with stopping the evil that is Islam but rather self preservation.

      Saudi Arabia is a brutal country, they have a callus disregard for human life and dignity but all of the royalty and many of their citizens are wealthy people who live opulent lifestyles and enjoy their toys.

      Salman knows that the savages would just as soon chop him to bits as the next guy so self preservation and wealth preservation play a role for Salman rather than a moral duty to rid the world of the men who hack off heads, burn people in cages, drown people in cages and target innocent victims. This is where the thin line between overt savage Muslims and Moderate Muslims must be taken advantage of.

      War is war every advantage should be fully exploited.

      The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy but let me see if I can use one to impale the other with 😎.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      I had the same feeling.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      He’s 81, led a life of excess and…well, excess…could just be the various life-extending medical equipment under his robes kicking in.


  6. czarowniczy says:

    “My dear assembled Moslem leaders. I’m here today to tell you all that this isn’t 1096 and we can do the job faster, cheaper and more efficiently now. Thank you for attending, peace out.”

    Sigh…we can always hope…


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