French Presidential Election, May 7, 2017

All polls will be closed at 8:00 pm local time (2:00 pm EST). Estimates of the results will begin at that time.

The contenders? Emmanuel Macron, a globalist free trader, and Marine Le Pen, a nationalist. Emmanuel Macon has been the announced leader in the polls, although early indications are that the election results may be much tighter than forecast.

Analysis and results below the fold:

According to Reuters:

Sunday’s election will in any case far from spell the end of the battle between mainstream and more radical policies in France, with parliamentary elections next month equally crucial.

Once the presidential ballot is over, attention will immediately switch to whether the winner will be able to count on a parliamentary majority. The first poll on the parliamentary election, published this week, showed that was within reach for Macron.

Much will also depend on both the candidates’ score on Sunday. Le Pen’s niece, Marion Marechal-Le Pen, on Thursday told L’Opinion daily that a 40 percent score would already be “a huge victory” for the National Front.

Whoever wins will spell a new chapter in French politics after the major left-wing and right-wing parties — the Socialist Party and The Republicans — that have ruled France for decades both suffered humiliating defeats in the election’s first round.

Information on the election results:

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14 Responses to French Presidential Election, May 7, 2017

  1. czarowniczy says:

    France and Italy…both share a tradition of great wines and foods you can enjoy while watching their sitcom politics play out.

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  2. lovely says:

    Le Pen has already conceded. France has voted for suicide.

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  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    I read how many in France stayed home and did not vote out of disgust

    That reminded me of the American Presidential election of 2012

    When the American people did the same thing

    Look at the mess that got us in…

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  4. So very sad. SMH

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  5. shiloh1973 says:

    Glad I was able to see a lot of Europe in the 1970’s. It is not Europe anymore. It saddens me deeply that all of that history will be destroyed by Muslims in a mater of years. Once again France has capitulated.

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  6. theboldcorsicanflame says:

    My beloved country is doomed, so so sad!

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    • lovely says:

      I’m sorry I am heartbroken for you and your country.

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      • Thank you for your compassion. Macron won French presidential election but abstentions highest since 1969. 1/3 of the voters didn’t vote. These people want even worse than this man, the muslims want the communist Melenchon. France is no longer France. I have nothing against people migrating to our country but we are only taking muslims despite the crimes, the rapes, the constant danger everywhere of terrorist attacks. There will be no 14th of July celebration in Nice this year…… France is no longer a safe place neither for the French nor the tourists. Here’s what the wikileaks reveal: macron wants to bring so many more muslims, like merkel, Just one day before the French election, a massive pile of documents were released about the establishment candidate Emmanuel Macron. His almost secret plan to Islamize France.

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        • lovely says:

          I’m so sorry. We still have a fighting chance here I hope somehow you and your country can fight back. People are so ignorant and somehow think self immolation proves them to be a better person when it is simply promoting more violence against innocents.

          The world is mad.


          • *Thanks for your kind words as many french people are under a shock to see macron 39 elected and his 64 year old wife….. 1/3 that did’nt vote have a hidden agenda with the communist Melenchon for he is in favor of the muslims and what they want is to get as many people to vote for him that way in June for the “Legislatives” they will have enough to stop macron and promote even more iSSlam that he wants. 36 per cent of muslims in france declare themselves in favor of shariah law. It’s happening in England already 100 courts already…. Meanwhile, a hord each day of muslim migrants come from all over the world to France and other europeans countries and the director of the EU in Geneva is warning that up to 10 millions will be coming soon..Mekrel is pleased to see macron elected for she is sending some of the migrants from germany to france…They evict french people to get them homes, they place them in hotels, 71 Formula One hotels are going to host migrants.The muslims association make a fortune to get migrants here. They even give them cell phones and call them in them in the middle of the sea to get rescued. .SO I guess all this is wanted, the islamization and destruction of our cultures. But karma is a b i t c h and what goes around comes around.

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            • lovely says:

              I know people are following what they have been programmed to believe by generations of deceit. I guess the greatest tragedy here is that so many human beings, made in the image of God, have let their free will be eroded away and now are simply puppets of their masters. So sobering that a person who calls a person, who can objectively be defined as a brutal savage, a savage, is now the mean spirited person in the eyes of the sheep being led to slaughter.



    • hocuspocus13 says:

      I’m still having a hard time believing Le Pen didn’t win…

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      • You should have seen the propaganda like never before in France, the people who voted for her were labeled “fascists” and macron was everywhere, all medias, press, tv and the slave to the system went and voted like they were ordered to do it. Plus many people got the french nationality in 5 years of Hollande.So many more radical muslims, no christians, got in and got the nationality to vote for Hollande’s protégé. So sick! Women with veils, burqa, salafists we see them at every corner of our streets…It’s an invasion of people who hate our culture and want to go back to the 7th Century….

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  7. czarowniczy says:

    Shades of Soros and the shadow internationalists. Now the news is all atwitter with dtories of how Wikileaks once again received a trove of hacked emails that were dumped just before the election and how Obama had his fingers in Moron’s win.
    Obama may have done more than just stump for Moron, the money and influence trail may come out at some time in the future but bybthen it’s moot. Not only will he be meddling in our elections but it appears his necrotic institute will be going international.


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